5 Reasons the Beach is the Best Place on Earth.

5 Reasons the Beach is the Best Place on Earth.

No use in arguing.

Everyone has their own version of a perfect place: to some, it might be cozy on the couch with a good book. To others, it might be out to a fancy dinner in New York City. While still others may be completely content at the top of a snowy mountain in the middle of Utah. Personally, I feel that far and away the beach is the best place on Earth. Why?

1. The Sound

There is nothing quite like lying on your towel, eyes closed, the faint smell of sunscreen wafting through the air, and the peaceful lull of waves the only thing to fill your ears. The random seagull "caw" or child's laugh sounds like music to your ears as the waves crash continue to produce their beautiful music.

2. The Water

I find it hard to believe there are people whose favorite body of water isn't an ocean. The salty water kissing your body, the ebb and flow of waves, the radical changes in high and low tide that can take a peaceful float to a fight to keep your head above water: the ocean is one of the most powerful forces on Earth and it is breathtaking to be able to fully immerse yourself in it.

3. The Food

Boardwalk food is the best food, and I will fight anyone on that. Whether it is a warm box of chicken fingers and french fries (slathered in ketchup, of course), or a refreshing acai bowl (drowning in Nutella, of course) nothing makes your taste buds happier than beach food.

4. The Warmth

If you are at the beach, most of the time that means it is SUMMER, a.k.a time of warm weather. There is no better feeling than lying on your towel, still covered in ocean water, closing your eyes, and letting the sun warm your body (it is so pleasant that it is even worth the sunburn).

5. The Peacefulness

There is a calm that overtakes you at the beach. It becomes near impossible to even remember anything that worried you in the past. All you can do is kick back, stick your nose into some murder-mystery (spoiler alert: it was the husband), and fully embrace the beauty of the best place on Earth.

So while yes, there are a lot of amazing places in this world, there is nowhere quite like the beach.

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5 Perks Of Having A Long-Distance Best Friend

The best kind of long-distance relationship.

Sometimes, people get annoyed when girls refer to multiple people as their "best friend," but they don't understand. We have different types of best friends. There's the going out together best friend, the see each other everyday best friend and the constant, low maintenance best friend.

While I'm lucky enough to have two out of the three at the same school as me, my "low maintenance" best friend goes to college six hours from Baton Rouge.

This type of friend is special because no matter how long you go without talking or seeing each other, you're always insanely close. Even though I miss her daily, having a long-distance best friend has its perks. Here are just a few of them...

1. Getting to see each other is a special event.

Sometimes when you see someone all the time, you take that person and their friendship for granted. When you don't get to see one of your favorite people very often, the times when you're together are truly appreciated.

2. You always have someone to give unbiased advice.

This person knows you best, but they probably don't know the people you're telling them about, so they can give you better advice than anyone else.

3. You always have someone to text and FaceTime.

While there may be hundreds of miles between you, they're also just a phone call away. You know they'll always be there for you even when they can't physically be there.

4. You can plan fun trips to visit each other.

When you can visit each other, you get to meet the people you've heard so much about and experience all the places they love. You get to have your own college experience and, sometimes, theirs, too.

5. You know they will always be a part of your life.

If you can survive going to school in different states, you've both proven that your friendship will last forever. You both care enough to make time for the other in the midst of exams, social events, and homework.

The long-distance best friend is a forever friend. While I wish I could see mine more, I wouldn't trade her for anything.

Cover Image Credit: Just For Laughs-Chicago

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7 Reasons Starbucks' Coffee Is 100 Percent Superior To Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?


There has been this controversial debate on whether Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts is the better option when it comes to getting one of the best coffees. As a lover of the White Chocolate Mocha, I can not begin to fathom how someone would be willing to go to Starbucks' competitor, Dunkin Donuts. Here are 5 reasons why you should kick Dunkin Donuts to the curb and let Starbucks into your life!

Study Spot

What better place is there to study than Starbucks! The comfy couches allow you to relax and do your homework peacefully.

The Holiday cups

During the Christmas season, Starbucks comes out with creative cups design for the most wonderful time of the year!

Frappuccinos> Coolatta

Frappuccinos definitely rule over the Coolattas that Dunkin provides.

More menu options

Starbucks provides way more coffee drinks than Dunkin. And the best part is that you can customize your own coffee/latte/tea. Anything you name, Starbucks has it.

The Lactose intolerants are certainly welcomed at Starbucks!

One of my friends is Lactose intolerant and she tells me that Starbucks has dairy-free options.

Best food quantity

Does Dunkin Donuts sell cake pops? I don't think so.

BEST Quality Coffee

Starbucks has the top quality coffees and lets be honest Dunkin Donuts coffee tastes burnt

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