5 Reasons All Swifties Are Ready For 'Miss Americana'

Ahead of it's Netflix film premiere on January 23, Taylor Swift dropped the official trailer for her new documentary, 'Miss Americana.' 'Miss Americana' was directed by Lana Wilson and it follows the life of Taylor over the last few years of her career.

Since the trailer's release, Taylor Swift fans, also known as Swifties, are doing what they do best -stalking for details. As a Swiftie, here are some things to look forward to seeing in this documentary.

1. Over an hour of Taylor Swift.

Simply put, the most exciting thing about 'Miss Americana' for fans is that it is just an hour of Taylor Swift content. What could be better than watching content from your favorite celebrity for an hour?

2. A behind the scenes of popular songs.

According to the trailer, we also will get a behind the scenes of the making some of Taylor's recent popular songs. In recent years, Taylor has gone public in showing the behind the scenes work for writing songs by sharing clips from the recording studio on her Instagram. This adds a fun aspect to the documentary as it gives fans an inside look at the creation of some of their favorite songs.

3. Funny cat content.

Now, if you are a Swiftie, you know that any documentary of Taylor Swift had to feature her cats at some point. Taylor is constantly sharing funny cat videos on her stories and we would expect nothing less from this documentary. Some fans got a laugh on Twitter when they noticed she was carrying her cat in a cat-carrying backpack.

4. Finding out what happened when she disappeared.

If you have been following Taylor Swift for a while now, you know that she disappeared for a year before releasing her album, 'Reputation.' One of the focuses of 'Miss Americana' is her disappearance and how during that time she worked to find her voice.

5. A new song.

Yesterday, Variety announced that along with the release of 'Miss Americana,' Taylor Swift fans could expect a new song. This new song "Only The Young" was recorded at the same time as her 'Lover' album and was kept closely under wraps.

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