5 Reasons You Need An Adult Coloring Book

The recent craze of adult coloring books is only growing a wider audience and for various reasons. One being the designs are incredibly made and the other reason is all the benefits you can receive from investing in an adult coloring book. With the variety of different books that have accompanying designs, it is easy to get lost in the pages and create your own art. Coloring was first used a therapeutic/relaxation technique in the early 20th century by Carl G. Jung. Specifically, he used mandalas which are the circular designs with the shapes inside that originated from India. This technique soon grew over the years and now we have these awesome coloring books and now, here are a few reasons why adult coloring books can be rather therapeutic.

1. Art Therapy

Art Therapy is beneficial for people who need help coping with their daily struggles such as having dementia, PTSD, depression, or even cancer. This provides a way to express themselves when these situations can be hard to talk about. It is also valuable in a day-to-day routine because even taking 30 minutes to an hour every day to color in these specially designed books can benefit your mind.

2. Focus

Dr. Stan Rodski who is a neuropsychologist and has his own line of adult coloring books says that coloring enables a relaxing mindset which allows the brain to focus on something. Some reports show that in office settings where meetings take place, employees who need assistance in focusing will use their coloring book and it helps them focus.

3. Psychical Affects

Doctor Stan was also able to see that there were changes recorded in the brainwaves and heart rates of people who use their adult coloring books. He says this comes from the attention to detail that distracts your brain from all the anxiety and stress related thoughts that you normally have. It also affects the colors you choose depending on your mood.

4. Creativity

Thinking creatively and choosing colors to be used in the picture while also determining where to place the colors to make sure it looks nice is a creative process. Creativity alone can boost self-confidence and stimulate your brain while allowing you to release bottled up emotions in a different way. Creating anything is healthy for you and art is a great way to get creative every day and take a break from everyday stressors.

5. Fun!

Coloring used to be almost every one of our favorite past times and it still can be! Allowing yourself to reconnect with your younger, adolescent, more vulnerable self can be healthy for you as well! You can enjoy making a pretty art piece for your mom and dad, a friend, or even for yourself while benefiting your brain. Most people keep a personal collection of the pieces they have colored just to look back on from time to time.

Adult coloring books have many benefits and are not just another trend! I have a few in my room that I keep handy for stressful days and even on those non-stressful days where I just feel like being creative. Investing in one of these will not be a waste!

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