1. Is there an original Ignition?

This is obviously in regard to the song "Ignition (Remix)" by R. Kelly. We all dance at parties while singing the lyrics, "it's the remix to ignition," but is there an original ignition?

2. Why do different water brands taste differently? Also, why do different pasta shapes taste differently?

Okay so we all know that water is water and pasta is pasta, but why do they all taste different from one another? Shouldn't they taste the same? I'm shook.

3. Why is there a thing called a grapefruit when there is already a fruit called a grape?

Maybe not everyone has questioned this, but it's a topic that has constantly confused me.

4. Does Lightning McQueen buy life insurance or car insurance?


5. Why do cheerleaders clap if their pom-poms make it so that the claps make no noise?

What is the point of clapping without sound?