1. "What are you studying?"

Although this is a reasonable question, I have been asked "what is your major?" more times than I can count. As a freshman, I'm taking the most boring required courses one can fathom, so right now my college curriculum isn't all that exciting (unless you find theology exciting).

2. "How's the food at school?"

Its reputation hasn't changed after all these years... it is still horrible!

3. "Did you get an internship?"

Nope, unfortunately, I did not get a fancy internship at a fancy company. Honestly, my summer plans include sleeping, eating, watching Netflix, and tanning.

4. "So... have you met any cute boys lately?"

For any college student that is single, dating questions should be off limits. We would all appreciate it!

5. "What are you going to do with *insert major here*?"

I have absolutely no idea, but to make it sound like I have my life all figured out, I am going to make up an answer that sounds good!