5 Problems Only Girls With Long Hair Will Understand

Having long hair is one of those things that looks great from a far, but when you actually have to deal with it on a daily basis, it makes you wish you were bald sometimes.

1. Your hair gets everywhere

It's not our fault, okay. If we even move an inch from our current position, our hair sheds as if we were a golden retriever. We have no control over it! On behalf of all girls with long hair, I apologize. If you are friends with us you will find our hair most definitely in your room and if your dating us… well you are probably used to it by now.

2. One hair tie is a joke

Having long hair means that when someone offers you a hair tie, if it isn’t a thick black one, they might as well have offered your air. This is because those really thin hair ties do nothing for us. They might help us temporarily but in the long run, they don’t hold a chance against the thickness of our hair

3. Looking good takes time

Styling my hair takes time! Please do not except my hair to miraculously become straightened or curled in 20 minutes. I need at least one hour to prep and time to style it so that it is not all in my face. Further, don’t expect me to be able to quickly change between hairstyles; we are girls, not magicians.

4. Wind is my worst enemy

Sometimes all a girl wants is to have her hair free. But this small desire is impossible when mother nature decides to be windy. The wind makes my hair go all over the place and I can barely see. This brings me back to my second problem because without a doubt whenever it is windy, I will only have one of those useless thin hair ties. The struggle is too real

5. Making out has to be strategic

Now I’m going to be very real. I have a lot of hair and sometimes my boyfriend wants to catch me off guard and be all cute and kiss me. BE WARNED. There is a 75% he will get a mouth full of hair. And don’t even bring up kissing when it's windy outside!

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