I have never been a "morning person" and that fact has haunted me since my days in high school when I would struggle to wake up at 6 a.m. every morning.

However, I have found methods to make any morning, whether it is an early start or late, more enjoyable. I have five healthy habits that make the morning a time to relish in rather than dread.

1. Stretch.

It is a great way to open your body up for the day and check in on any areas of holding, soreness or tension. That time also allows for relaxation, regulated breathing and a moment to thank your body for all of its work.

2. Listen to an upbeat playlist.

If you shower in the morning or while you are getting ready to start your day, I find that listening to your favorite upbeat songs is a helpful way to raise your frequency and enter into the day with a positive mindset. The beauty of art through music is a reminder of all of the wonderful things that human beings are capable of.

3. Set intentions for the day.

By starting your day with the intention to find the positive in all people and circumstances, we open up our invitation to the universe to send us what we most need. I think that is an especially good practice for the start of a busy week or a day with important meetings and projects. If you start your day with the mission of being positive, radiating love and giving kindness, you are conscious of how you want to act.

4. Eat a healthy breakfast.

It amazes me how many people do not eat breakfast. I understand that some people do not enjoy eating early in the day, but there are benefits to fueling your body with a light breakfast. Even if you just eat an apple, you are receiving energy and micronutrients to kickstart your brain power.

5. Read a full article from a reputable news source.

In today’s instant gratification culture, it has become all too easy to be satisfied with the brief scrolling headlines that we see on our screens. However, in order to have a substantive understanding of these issues and to be able to acquire an informed opinion, we must actually spend the time engaging with the text. It is so important to be informed and to, at the minimum, read a reputable story a day.