Halloween is often seen as a time where great creativity shines. It is also, however, a time where people just goes with what is popular. Every year, you can predict what Halloween costumes you are going to see based on trends within the given year. 2017 has offered plenty of possibilities for overplayed costumes. Today, we are going to look at 5 Halloween costumes you going to see ad nauseam this October 31st

5. The Stranger Things Kids

Stranger Things is one of the biggest shows to come out in a few years, and the kid characters are one of the biggest reasons why. These characters are so beloved that their influence on other movies is apparent (just look at It). As such, they are prime subjects for Halloween costumes. Eleven alone is probably going to be a popular costume. It also helps that the new season is coming out right near Halloween.

4. Wonder Woman

For the longest time, thanks to films like Catwoman, people both in the geek world and the movie industry were convinced that a female-led superhero movie could never work. When Wonder Woman came to massive box-office success and critical acclaim, that notion was completely (and rightly) destroyed. The film's popularity, as well as feminism becoming more and more prevalent, guarantees that a lot of women will be dressing up as the Amazons' greatest champion this Halloween. Just be prepared for trolls on the internet complaining about "feminazi propaganda".

3. Donald Trump

* WARNING: Politics talk on this one! BEWARE!!

Most Halloween costumes tend to fall under the category of either scary or funny. In that sense, President Donald Trump is arguably the perfect Halloween costume. On one hand, the man is hilarious on he manages to make minor things, like less than positive news coverage and celebrities saying "mean" things about him, into the most important things in a country that is still dealing recovery from multiple hurricanes. On the other hand, the dude is actually terrifying; seeing as he can practically do and say whatever he wants without fear of losing a significant chunk of his supporters.

*POLITIC TALK OVER: you can commence your angry messages now

2. Any MCU Superhero

Despite Wonder Woman being really good, and everyone being cautiously optimistic about Justice League, Marvel is still the king of superhero movies. That is why that many, many people are going to dress up as their favorite Avenger or Guardian of the Galaxy this Halloween. This is what happens when start your cinematic universe with Superman breaking a dude's neck, DC.

1. Pennywise

You all knew this was coming. The success of It has reinvigorated the popularity of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. As such, you should expect to see many people in Pennywise costumes knocking on your door this Halloween. Does that mean you can trade candy for a balloon?