OK writers, this one's for you. Whether you're a novelist, a poet, a short story extraordinaire, a songwriter or just someone who likes to scribble down thoughts in a notebook, this is for you. It's very seldom that writers run out of inspiration or things to write about, but let's be honest, it happens. We all experience writer's block or times when our brains just completely shut off and there is absolutely no cool ideas circulating. Sometimes all it takes is a little walk outside or a quick conversation with a friend; and then sometimes that's just not cutting it. So, because we like to spend time on the internet anyway, let's check out some places where writers can find inspiration.

1. Pinterest

I wish I were lying when I tell you that half of the time I spend on the Internet is spent on Pinterest. Seriously, I wish that were a lie. But alas, it's not, and Pinterest is great for DIYs (that never turn out right), cool photographs and dorm room ideas. Incidentally, it's also great for finding writing inspiration. Search anything related to writing prompts or writing inspiration -- from characters to dialogue prompts to words to incorporate into a scene -- you will find something to get you moving. I promise. (Plus you might come across a really cute notebook decorating idea or something.)

2. TheWritePractice.Com

I can't possibly scratch the surface of all the writer-oriented websites there are out there, but I personally really like this one. It's not always prompts or inspirational pictures, but there's a ton of articles about writing and publishing and the likes from other authors. If you're looking for some interesting info or something to distract you from the scene you're stuck on, then I recommend this site.

3. Sarah Selecky Prompts

Sarah Selecky is the author of "This Cake Is For The Party," a short story collection about "people who want love." She runs workshops that are all done online in the comfort of your own favorite writing spot! Hint: It costs money for a yearly subscription of everyday prompts (emailed to you), but you can find a lot of them on Google! They usually contain about two to three words or scenarios to get you writing. It's easy to fill up some pages if you just try a couple!

4. Writing Prompts That Don't Suck

Personally, I'm a huge fan of the name. A new prompt gets posted every day, ranging from a list of nouns to a sentence to put somewhere in your story. And, the mod definitely has a sense of humor! Go check it out!

5. Nosebleed Club

This blog is a personal favorite of mine. The posts are a series of five things, sometimes really unrelated, but all very original and interesting. The blog itself is full of poetry and replies to prompts, which I always enjoy reading (Support other's writings!) and is all around aesthetically pleasing, in my opinion. If there's one thing you should try for writing inspiration, it's this blog.

Well, there you have it, folks. Now go forth and write! Conquer your writer's block and get some creativity flowing! You never know what you might write.