Finals week takes both a physical and mental toll on college students at the end of each semester. We barely sleep, only running on caffeine and delirium. We spend all-nighters as we study our brains out, submit essay upon essay, and prepare for final presentations, all while trying not to have a full-blown mental breakdown. A lot of tears, sweat, and blood are shed as we trudge through the never-ending week(s) of exams. BUT we all somehow manage to survive each semester. Here are four pictures that basically sum up the week AFTER finals are over:

Our sleep schedules are so messed up, we basically have a final's week jet-lag. We can't fall asleep until 3 am but then we sleep until noon. It honestly takes the full week after finals to get re-adjusted to a normal sleep schedule.

And when we are awake? Yup. All we want to do is laze around. Whether it's cuddling with your dog, binge-watching Netflix or just taking naps in your boxers, once we plant ourselves on the couch, we aren't getting up.

During finals week, we are so busy preparing for exams and writing papers that we tend to forget to eat and, by the end of the semester, we are so sick of dining hall food, anyway. So, the first week home, all we want to do (besides lounging on the sofa) is eat REAL FOOD! Nothing beats mom's home-cooked meals, which is something you don't realize until you are forced to eat cafeteria food for five months.

We haven't seen our favorite furry friends in five months while we've been away at school and we missed them so much! So the week after finals, we are obligated to annoy them as we try to love them.

Did I mention that we are completely brain dead the week after finals? College is supposed to make you smarter, but I swear I get dumber once break comes around because the last thing I want to do is think.