Maybe it's because I'm an only child that I have an incredible bond with my parents. Or maybe it's because of the way that I was raised. Whatever the reason might be, my parents will never understand how much I appreciate all the love and support that they have given me over the years, even on the days (or weeks) where I am moody and anything but lovable. Life is too short to leave words unspoken, so here are the things that I want them to know because I don't tell them enough.

1. Thank You For Supporting, Loving, and Giving Me Whatever I Needed

College isn't cheap, from tuition and books to rent payments and other little things, the costs continue to pile up. I know that you feel as though paying for me to get through college is your responsibility as a parent and something you have to do but it isn't. I could be like almost every other college student and struggle to make my rent payment, live off the college staple foods, and take out student loans. I'm thankful that you both have been willing and able to save me from three-square meals Ramen noodles and letting me focus on my school work rather than worry about money. I hope that one day all of the hard-work that I'm doing now will pay off so that I can repay you for all of the things that you've done for me.

2. You Make Adult-Life Look Easy

I've only been living on my own for a month now so I really haven't gotten the hang of it yet, but it is seriously hard. Between keeping the apartment clean, the cupboards stocked, the dishes washed, and cooking a meal every night while doing homework and trying to keep up with my current obsession on Netflix, I don't know how you do it. Maybe after some practice this will get easier, but I doubt it.

3. I Look Forward To Talking To You About My Day and Yours

I'm not home to see you each and everyday like I was before going away to college. This has been a huge adjustment to me and to you as well, but overall, leaving home was the best thing I could have done. We've talked about how I've become more confident in myself and independent which I'm not sure I could have gained had I stayed at home. I do enjoy the independence that I have while at school, but don't misunderstand, I still miss coming home each night, seeing you both, and hearing about you day or neighborhood gossip. It may sound crazy but seeing my phone light up with either of your names makes my day and I treasure those phone calls no matter how long they may be.

4. You've Raised Me Well

I never really saw what others did when they said, "Your just like your mother and/ or father" but now that I have had to start living on my own and taking care of myself, I can see bits and pieces of the two of you in the things that I do. I know that the person I am right now and will continue to become as I get older, will be a reflect of you both, so it is my hope that I make you proud.

5. Each Time That I Leave To Head Back to School, It Never Gets Easier

I bet you didn't know that each time I go to say goodbye, I get a lump in my throat and can feel the tears start to burn in the back of my eyes. It's kind of crazy because I know that I'll see you again soon, maybe in a few weeks or months but I still miss you both so much. I tell myself each time I leave that the next time it won't be as hard but I doubt that that will ever be true because I love you both so much.

There are so many people who aren't close to their parents or, worse yet, know them at all. It truly is a shame. I'm truly blessed to have wonderful parents who taught me the difference between right and wrong and gave me the chance to follow my dreams. Saying thank you will never be enough but, maybe, hearing the words that I don't say often enough will be a start.