5 New Year Promises I Plan To Actually Keep

5 New Year Promises I Plan To Actually Keep

Yes, really I will keep them.

I do not like calling them “New Year’s Resolutions” because some of them are things that I am already doing and I want to keep doing them. They are realistic and if anything, else happens in 2018 that is as awesome as these well then that is just putting some frosting on the cake.

Acknowledging my self-worth

I can be a push over. Plan and simple. I try to put others ahead of myself and in result to doing so, I miss out on opportunities that could have helped in the long run. For others like me, we love to see the happiness or joy on other people’s faces. The second we see the smile, we instantly melt and want to keep the smile on the person’s face, no matter what it takes, including sacrifice of some kind. 2018 will be the year of no ‘sorries’ and ultimately making sure that I have taken care of everything for myself before dealing with others. If there are days when I want to absolutely no one, I should not feel bad about that. It will help be recharge myself, so I can be a better me for the next day.

Not being afraid of what others will think about me

This is a big one for me because, again, I am a people pleaser. But being one is exhausting. I think I was this way since I was a little kid, so it naturally became a part of me. I always tried to get the cool kids to like me, but always failed. Will not lie, I was bullied for most of my grade school life and I didn’t come to terms of how truly independent and special I was until I went off to college. My freshman year was kind of bust, but this year, my junior year, is when I realized that I should just be myself completely and if there are some people who do not like me for who I am, they can leave, no skin off my bones. I will probably be a tad bit upset, but sometimes in life people are meant to be in your life for a chapter, sometimes a paragraph or even a sentence. (Yes, I used that comparison because I am an English major.)

Putting my mental health as one of my top priorities

Sometimes I forget that I need to be my own advocate and then I end up in situations that could have been prevented if I had just spoken up. Being someone who has depression and anxiety is really challenging, and even though I was diagnosed with both 3 years ago, does not mean that it got any easier. Sometimes I go to class and I cannot learn because of how I am feeling and then I cannot concentrate and then I realized I am wasting my mom’s hard-earned money by not learning. I need to become more comfortable in allowing people (especially my school) about what I am going through so I can get help when needed. I recently started letting some of my friends know about this and become more open when they ask me to go out and do things. The old me would just do whatever they wanted, while I knew it was going to be terrible for me. I need to have more faith in the people around me, because I cannot always go through these days alone.

Understanding that I am growing up and so are my friends

This is the year when I would be entering my senior year of college. 20 years of my life have already gone by and I have learned so much from them as well as gain some nice friendships. This year, I shall appreciate my friendships more and not dwell on the times when I cannot be around them or if they are hanging out with other people that are not me. They have their lives and I have mine and sometimes, yes, I wish they accounted for me or included me in more things, but that is not going to help me grow as an individual. I have friends graduating college, getting jobs, getting married, moving across the country and I am so happy for them and that we can all stay the connected and that is the positive outtake that I want to continue to have in 2018.

Make this year a 180 turning point for my life

2018. The year I turn 21, the year my brother gets married, the year I will put a giant step in the direction of my career path and hopefully the year I become 100% me. I want this year to be full of things that will help launch my future. I want it to have scratches and bumps that I can learn from. I want it to make me laugh at 2017 for all the dumb things I used to dwell on because God enabled me to make a 180 turn and hit the ground running with ease into the bright future that I know I will have. I want this to be the year when I look back on it and say “Yep, this is when everything changed”. For all my HIMYM fans, I want this year to be “Legend…wait for it” well I guess we will have to wait for it right?

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It's 2019, And I Still Use A Weekly Planner

There is something about physically writing things down for that makes it easier to remember dates and deadlines.


Even with all the technology that is available to us nowadays, I still use an old-fashioned planner. I keep it in my backpack and you will see me pull it out if I need to add events for that week. Usually I will review the syllabus for my classes at the start of each semester and put down the important test dates or dates for other assignments. By doing this, I get a visual outline of what each will look like and what weeks will be extra heavy with school and other clubs that I am involved in on campus. Even though having this is a nice tool to help plan ahead and budget my time, it is by no means a failsafe. Sometimes I get this feeling that I forgot to do something that day but can't think of what it is. When this happens, I can refer back to my planner and look to see if I missed anything. The key point is to not forget to write things down, otherwise, all will be lost.

With today's technology, iPhones can do pretty much anything, I am aware that there is google calendar which can be synced up with a MacBook as well. This doesn't work for me because it takes too long to enter the events in my phone and I have not grown used to it. Another point is that I don't have a MacBook so it would only be accessible from my phone. I have found that it is just quicker to jot an event down by hand in my planner. For some people this might seem like a hassle having to pull out their planner when wanting to write down something they need to accomplish for that day. Since people spend a lot of time being on their laptops or phones it would be more convenient for them, being that they know how to work the app.

Either way, keeping a daily schedule or planner has many benefits. As mentioned before, it can help reduce the possibility of forgetting important due dates for exams or projects and other deadlines. Writing things down can also help reduce stress. There are times where there is too much on our plate to handle at once, we might have the feeling that everything needs to get done, which can be overwhelming. When I put things down on paper, it doesn't seem as bad and I can take care of what needs to be done at the moment and then work from there. I feel great after checking off a couple things from my to-do list because I can see that progress is being made.

Another use is to build in some time to relax or just time for yourself into your daily or weekly schedule, this can prevent the feeling of being burned out. Building in free time should have limits, especially for people who may spend too much time watching Netflix or Television. I would know because there are times where it can feel like hours go by and I haven't accomplished anything productive.

I highly recommend anyone who is in college to keep a planner, otherwise the stress can be too much to handle.

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