5 New Albums To Love This Summer

Let’s face it, it’s summer, everyone’s out for the summer or at least almost out, so many artist’s have been releasing their albums. While I love music, I even admit I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to everything, I think it’s impossible. So this is a list for all the albums I’ve listened to lately that I find worthy and amazing, the ones I’ve been playing on repeat. All of these albums I have checked are on iTunes, Google Play Store and Spotify, as I can’t confirm anything else as I don’t know what else is out their to check.

1. Witness by Katy Perry

This bop of an album has been out less than a month and I'm already obsessed and I have to admit I've listened to at least once a day if not more. It’s catchy songs have made it’s way into my heart while it’s not an album I can put on repeat, a lot of the songs are great.

2. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom by Halsey

The album, that I admit to listening to while writing this article, has honestly been on repeat since it came out, truly more than any other recently released album I’ve ever listened to. It’s really a great album, it goes through her struggles and heartbreaks and truly helps me. But not only that, it makes me feel more human, that even stars have problems, of course I knew that. But social media, you can sometimes get caught up with that, while I always try my best to stay humble and always remind myself we’re all humans and never idolize someone, I can sometimes get lost in that because of the loss of communication in social media. So this album is refreshing to know the people we love that we don’t know also have regular problems.

3. Memories…Do Not Open by The Chainsmokers

While, yes, this isn't as new as the other two, or even considered new in the music industry, it is still pretty new as it did come out this year. Some songs are still on the radio which I love, not only I have been loving it, especially the beats considering they sound so good on my beats speaker and headphones. It is a real treat and experience to listen to, with new elements of EDM in this album or at least new sounds from them it made for a pleasurable, unexpected amazing listen. I loved the first time and every other time I’ve listened, I can’t express enough how much I love this album or EDM in general.

4. EDC Las Vegas 2017 by Insomniac Records

While EDC was this weekend their EDC 2017 came out before hand and boy is it a good one. It is a compilation of what the record label feels is the best songs of the festival, as per usual each artist has a pre set list of songs they plan to play at the festival as to why the label can release this album before hand. While of course it’s better to be surprised and have fun getting to see what your artists are going to play and see it live. But for those who can’t afford to go for whatever it is weather it be traveling means or anything of that nature, this album is the one for you. I have been loving it as I feel like I am in the EDC spirit and I am their in spirit. I have always wanted to go but haven’t gotten the chance for financial reasons myself so this album is honestly giving me life as I am loving listening to EDM in general.

5. Movie by Modsun

This amazing album has been the highlight of spring or at least the month of May for me, it was on repeat everyday in May. While I still listen to it constantly, it was a real bop for me when it was release in May. It’s just a real mellow album to just chill out to, it makes you think without you realizing it and just distresses you at the same time. It’s a great album for the summer to just have the fantasy or real life to just lay out in your backyard on a blanket at night staring at the stars.

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