With Memorial Day Weekend quickly approaching I believe it is important to remind you guys of BBQ etiquette.

I've come to realize that many haven't learned the most basic rules of the family BBQ. Thankfully, I have created a crash course. These rules are written in stone, and must be followed at any BBQ no matter where you are. Let the lesson begin

1. Do not take all the food

Do not go up with your first place and try to fit everything on it. Remember there are other people at the BBQ. Take what you know you can finish, and remember everyone else has to eat too. Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

2. Do not cuss or act stupid in front of the elders

You know they are gonna go right to your mom and start questioning how she raised you. Then, your mom is going to start yelling at you because she did not raise you that way. You're not at college anymore. Unless you're the person with the "cool mom". I'm coming to your BBQ.

3. Bring something

BBQ are hard enough to plan. Your host has probably been cooking and seasoning food since 6am. Then, they sent all day slaving away at a hot grill to make sure you have something to eat. And once you leave, they are going to have to clean up after you! The least you can do is bring a salad.

4. Clean up!

That bring me to rule number four, clean up after yourself. We are all adults here. You do see how many people are in this house, right. Nobody is cleaning up after all these people. Do your part so maybe next year, you'll be invited back to the BBQ.

5. Do not bring a Tupperware

The leftovers go to the host. They are the one who set this whole event up and put up with y'all all day. The should at least get the leftovers. Now, if the host offers you a Tupperware to take food home, that's fair game.