The Moments That Define When Your Sister Became Your Best Friend

The Moments That Define When Your Sister Became Your Best Friend

I am thankful for every moment that brought me closer to you.


Whether your sister is older or younger, whether your age gap is 9 months or 6 years, there is no saying she is not your right hand or your go to. You guys have taken "friendship" to a whole new level, and here are the moments that changed that dynamic.

1. Those spontaneous hours spent having dance parties, playing dress up, and singing in the car.

If you try to claim these never happen, you are only lying to yourself. There are those moments that stick out in your mind that you will never forget, and there are the other memories you try to forget, despite the fact that your mom has embarrassing pictures just to remind everyone that those moments really did happen. These moments were never expected, but they changed everything. Without these simple memories, there would be less to look back on and laugh at. These events ignited a friendship that never stopped growing.

2. Being there at some of the most important times in life.

Whether it was being next to their hospital bed when they had their first kid or being at their high school graduation, you have been there for all the moments that mattered most. You were there every time they succeed and there to catch them every time they fell. The friendship between sisters is not like the ones you get in grade school or high school where they are only there for you for a while. You have seen it all. You have been there for every significant part of the other one's life, big or small, making your relationship and friendship stronger than any other.

3. Getting over every fight, little or big.

Whether it was a fight over a piece of clothing or a fight about the other's life choice, you have gotten over it. This alone shows how strong your relationship is. Being able to get through anything and everything together and only come out of it stronger. You have been able to find forgiveness for the other one, no matter the situation. Many fights in life come down to a take it or leave it situation in regular friendships, but sisters defy those friendships by taking forgiveness and friendship to a whole new level and never staying mad.

4. Sharing secrets that no one else knows.

Thank god for sisters, because you can tell them everything that the rest of the world could never know. It started during childhood, telling each other who you were crushing on, which turned into telling them everything you cannot tell your parents to this day. Your relationship has grown stronger. Every time, you can lean on each other, and the other one is there, ready to listen, and ready to keep your secrets. Over the years, these secrets have been kept, making the sisterhood what it is today.

A sister brings a light into your life that would be darkness without them. They are your little piece of forever and a little piece of happiness you never have to let go of. So many times, we take sisterhood for granted and do not realize just how much they do for us and what that friendship should truly mean to us. These moments are what made that relationship so strong, even though, looking back, they just seem like good ole memories. So that one embarrassing picture your mom likes to show everyone, please do not take it for granted. Love your sister as if tomorrow is your last day together. Your sister should be one of the most important people in your life. They are a best friend that you never have to lose.

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