5 Life Altering Things About Traveling To Italy As Told By 'Eat, Pray, Love'

5 Life Altering Things About Traveling To Italy As Told By 'Eat, Pray, Love'

“Dolce far niente: the pleasure of doing anything”

If you have ever had the immeasurable pleasure of traveling to a different country you know it is the most rewarding privilege any one could ever imagine. Furthermore if you have ever been to Italy you know damn well there is no place on the planet like it. If you haven't had the opportunity to get there YET we're going to walk you through your future experiences accompanied by Liz Gilbert from Eat, Pray, Love.

1. Italy Can Revive Your Soul and Restore Your Love For Life

I think more often than not we find ourselves losing our passions and sinking into a monotonous lifestyle. A trip to Italy can really restore your love for living and enhance your worldly views and desires. You will also most likely meet some of the most kind and kindred spirits with a passion for everything they do, it's soul-shaking.

2. Finding Your Own Sanity

You will find yourself skipping breakfast and starving yourself until an early lunch just so you can enjoy a glass (well... a bottle...) of wine with every single meal. You're not going to want to miss an opportunity to have a glass of authentic Italian wine, and honestly you shouldn't. You will find a glass of wine under the Pantheon to be one of the most serene experiences you will ever encounter.

3. The Art of Indulgence

Pizza, Pasta, Pizza, Limoncello. You are going to want to eat every Italian dish in sight, and you need to. I would return to Italy simply to eat. Italians believe in the power of indulgence and the strong correlation it has to happiness. Great food, Great company. Meals are a long affair and take sweet time, but most of your Italy memories will pry be made around that white-clothed table.

4. Finding Peace With Yourself

If you had any self-loathing or animosity towards yourself leave it at customs when you arrive in Italy. You will become surprisingly unaware of yourself as you begin to marvel at all that is around you and all the history that is so much bigger than ourselves. You will become entranced with the streets of Italy and even the expensive tastes that may have once caused you self-pity won't bother you anymore, it all just becomes, well, art and craftsmanship that you appreciate.

5. Faith

If your faith is shaken or at all corrupt a trip to Italy will put you right back where you want to be. Between the Pantheon, the Vatican and St. Peter's Square, just to name a few, you can't help but believe that there must be something bigger than yourself. And this, this is life altering.

“Vitamin E, get much sleep, drink much water, travel to a place far away...meditate and teach your heart that this is destiny.”

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To The Girl Who Hasn't Been Herself Lately

Your spark return, and you will shine like you were meant to.

Life gets tough. Life gets too much to handle sometimes, and those times make you stronger. However, right now, it seems like you have lost yourself.

It’s difficult when you catch yourself not being you. When you do something or act a certain way and just wonder, “what did I do to deserve this? Why is this happening? When will it get better?” The way you’re feeling is not so much that you’re unhappy, you just feel weird.

Your day will come. I promise you. This is just a phase.

The day you realize how much you have grown from this point in time will be your reward. It is so hard to see now, and I feel your pain.

Your light will return to you. Your pure bliss moments, they are seeking you. Your laughter where your tummy aches is in your reach.

Our moods change far too often for us as humans to understand why, but the encounters you make every day have this effect on us.

You must remember the pure happiness you experienced before your first heartbreak, before the first friend became someone you thought they weren’t, before you lost your innocence. That was a time of true joy as you had not a care in the world for the things that would harm you. Better yet, you didn’t have the option to experience them because you were just a child.

The world can be an ugly place, and your attitude towards life can change every day. One thing is for certain: you did not lose who you are internally. We all put on a face for the world. For the people who we try to impress. For the life we want to live. For the things we want to achieve.

Your definitive personality is still in the works. Believe it or not, it always will be. Times like this change us for the better even though we can’t see it.

Your happiness will return. You will be a better, stronger version of you. In fact, you will be the best version of you yet.

Once this phase is over, you will be okay. This I promise you.

Cover Image Credit: Megan Sutton

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Day 3 In Italy: Florence

When you're so used to your hometown, other people's hometown are far more beautiful


Our final morning in Venice, we boarded a ferry and rode to the other side of Venice where we got on a tour bus and drove for about four hours to Florence.

Your browser does not support the video tag. On the ferry from one side of Venice to the otherBrooke Burney

Upon entering Florence, one of the first things we saw were the Ponte Vecchio. Our hotel was also just adjacent to it so we got to walk across this bridge quite a few times.

Brooke Burney

Soon after we got to Florence, we put our luggage in the hotel and we were off to explore Florence. We went to a small town square and ate and met up at the church that was in that area. After this, we saw Pitti Palace, where there is a secret passageway lining the town where the chief could walk. The street that Pitti Palace is located used to be lined with butcher and leather shops, making the town smell unpleasant. The chief did not like this so he changed these butcher shops into jewelry shops where he was able to purchase whatever jewelry he pleased while it also did not smell up the streets.

Pitti PalaceBrooke Burney

After this, we walked to the Signoria Square where there were statues of some Greek gods and a replica of the statue of David.

Poseidon was under construction :(Brooke Burney

During this part of our tour it began raining, so we spent one or two hours trying to stay dry. Our tour guide had us huddle under a balcony but once that got crowded, we moved to a huge tourist shop where we stayed until it calmed down.

Brooke Burney

After this, we had time to shop and eat but once that leisure time was up, we were guided through the Signoria Square and were given the history of the buildings that stand there and we passed the church in which the Statue of David was originally supposed to reside.

The Statue of David was going to go in that nook on top of the dome, under the golden crossBrooke Burney

At this time it was about 7 PM and we were headed to a cooking school where our entire group prepared dinner for everyone. Some of us were making the appetizer, others making the main course, and rest were making desert. I made pasta, and we made it from scratch which was not as difficult as anticipated and turned out delicious.

Made from scratch pastaBrooke Burney

After dinner we went back to our hotel, however before entering, our tour guide asked if the group wanted gelato. Of course, everyone piped in, except for the four of us girls that went together. Our tour guide told us he would take us to a club if we wanted to and our supervisor was okay with it. So we went to our room, got ready and then we were off to the club that is right around the corner from our hotel. If you want to read about that experience here's the link!

Once we got back, we went to sleep around 3 AM, and we were ready for more exploration tomorrow; bright and early.

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