Procrastinating on buying a gift that your partner will love? Everyone needs help to find a gift for that one picky person that they know. When gift cards won't do, there are last minute gift options that are thoughtful, heart-felt and can be used for everything from anniversaries to birthdays and even Christmas.

Here are five last minute gifts that your partner will love:

1. MoviePass

If your partner loves going to the movies, they may want to go more than once or twice a month. MoviePass is a service that a lot of people never heard of before. The service is only available in select movie theaters, but there are thousands and thousands of theaters participating.

You'll pay $10 a month to allow for one ticket every 24 hours.

Your partner can watch 30 movies a month if they want. There's no commitment either.

2. Jewelry

I know, I know: jewelry is a go-to option. But a lot has changed in recent years. There are new trends and styles available. You don't need to go with just the gold necklace or ring anymore. Unique and stylish, you can choose:

  • Etsy for everything, from medallions to necklaces and bracelets. Users make their own creations to sell, so there's always something new, quirky and cute to buy.
  • Pearls are making a comeback for women. Freshwater pearls are a hot item this year.

You'll find a lot of retailers offering custom made jewelry, too. Etsy has a custom section where consumers can request custom jewelry to be made, too.

3. Polaroid Camera

Believe it or not, I was asked by a 13-year-old to buy a polaroid camera as a gift. I was surprised because she has an iPhone, and the pictures on the iPhone are crisp and stored digitally. But then I realized that people still want to hang pictures on their mirrors or walls.

Keeping memories off of the digital space is becoming a popular trend.

It makes a lot of sense when you get past all of the nostalgia. Fujifilm offers a Polaroid, you can find it on Amazon, for around $60. It's the perfect gift if you and your partner are younger and want to have somewhere to put all of your memories.

4. Splash-Proof Bluetooth Speaker

If you have a partner that sings in the shower, you know how annoying it can be to hear them. Yes, I said it. But, there's a remedy for it with a gift that is a little selfish and also thoughtful. The Splash-Proof mini, portable Bluetooth speaker can also be found on Amazon.

But make sure you look around and compare speakers.

There are a lot of different options available. From someone that has a Bluetooth speaker in their shower, this is a gift that a music lover will appreciate.

You'll also be able to drown out your partner's singing in the shower.

5. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon's Echo has made a major splash in the technology world. This device is neat, and if your partner is a techy person, they'll appreciate this new product by Amazon. The Echo makes homes smarter.

Voice-enabled, this device can be used to make calls, read the news, set alarms, read audiobooks, play music, send texts and do so much more.

Echo Dot gets smarter, and it can even be used to order Dominos or call an Uber.