5 Better Things To Fund Instead Of Trump's Hateful Wall

5 Things That Can Be Fixed Rather Than Paying For Trump's Border Wall

Trump's government shutdown results in $5 billion being misused.


$5 billion is a crazy, large amount of money that is needed to build an unnecessary wall. Instead, a portion of that money could be used to help border security while also helping other flaws that exist in America due to lack of funding. There are so many other useful areas that this money can help and irrevocably change.

Clean Drinking Water for Flint Michigan

It's January 2019 and Flint, Michigan still doesn't have safe drinking water. The government is neglecting a plethora of American children while trying to put a focus on a less hazardous situation, which frankly shows that they don't care.

Provide Health Care for Thousands of United States Citizens

So many citizens in the United States are unable to pay for their own or their children's healthcare and instead avoid going to the doctors. The Trump Administration has only made their situation more difficult.

Better Our Education System

$5 billion could provide so much for our education system, especially schools in areas of lower socioeconomic status.

Give to the Environmental Protection Agency

The Trump Administration has severely neglected the effects that climate change has had on this Earth. $5 billion could better our chances at helping this issue and ensuring a safer and longer-lasting planet for everyone.

Give to Citizenship and Immigration Services


By aiding the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, we could be helping people get into the United States in a legal and safer manner rather than tear-gassing them at the border.

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