No Plans For The 4th? Here Are 5 Ways to Change That

Don't get caught up in the whirlwind of Boomerangs of sparklers and clinking glasses that will show up on your Instagram feed today. If you have no plans, here are five things you can do on this much-deserved day off from your dreaded summer job that will have you hopping right on the Instagram story bandwagon

1. Get out of town 

If you live in a cool town with a beach within ten minutes of you, you're lucky. You don't have to venture too far from the suburbs to tan. You're one of the lucky ones. If you live in a city or in suburbia with nothing fun to do in a 10-mile radius- get out of town! If you live in a small town on the East Coast, head to NYC for Philly for the day and hit up some trendy rooftop bars that serve you drinks with big, loopy straws and views of the city that will make every other girl or guy from your hometown super jealous. Or, if you're looking for some sun and sand, drive down the Jersey Shore or go to Watch Hill, Rhode Island for the long weekend. It's hard to be bored when you've got beautiful ocean on one side of you and fun bars and restaurants on the other.

2. Get drinks somewhere local

My town is good at one thing and that one thing is restaurants. No matter how much my friends and I complain about how boring our small town is, we always know that we can count on the variety of cute and delicious restaurants to keep us entertained (and unfortunately, our wallets emptied). So if your friend group is struggling to find plans tonight, head to one of your favorite restaurants in town and get your go-to meal and drink the night away.

3. Have some friends over for an impromptu dinner

Fourth of July is all about the food. Burgers, dogs, corn, pulled pork, watermelon, cupcakes- you name it, Fourth barbecues will provide it. Unless you have no previous BBQ plans. If this is the case, plan your own! Even if you don't have a grill your own kitchen stove and oven will do. Make pasta salad, cut up a fat watermelon, make some cute holiday-themed drinks and ask your other friends without plans to bring desserts- voilà! You have yourselves an adorable and Insta-worthy spread.

4. Go to your town's fireworks show

Remember when you were little and your family always went to the fireworks show on the beach? Well, just because you're old now doesn't mean that you can't still go and that they aren't still fun. I find myself going every year and am never disappointed, especially when I go with a big group of friends and make a couple of mixed drinks. If your town holds the show on the actual 4th, then head down to the beach and watch with all the young families and their six-year-olds.

5. Just relax

The world will not end if you don't have plans on this day. Treat this day off like an actual day off. Tan in your backyard, make a cute dinner for yourself and your family, bring your dog on a hike, just chill. Don't check Instagram or Snapchat to see what your friends from college or your coworkers are up to, because that will ruin the relaxation in a heartbeat.

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