Well, its official, Disney has purchased the movie and TV assets of Fox. One of the biggest takeaways from this landmark deal is that it gives Disney ownership of the X-Men and Fantastic Four movie franchises. This means that Marvel Studios will finally be able to add these characters to the critically and commercially acclaimed Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the future inclusion of these characters, it makes you wonder where the MCU will go from here. Here are 5 potential directions that the MCU may go after the Fox deal.

5. The Fantastic Four Have Been In The MCU All Along

One of the biggest questions regarding the future introduction of the X-Men and Fantastic Four is how Marvel will explain their absence up to a certain point. While Marvel could just simply start from scratch when introducing these characters, they could do something similar to how they introduced Spider-Man. In his cameo appearance in Captain America: Civil War, it was acknowledged that Spider-Man always existed in the MCU, and managed to keep a low profile. Something like this could easily work with the Fantastic Four, as their origin story involves them gaining their powers during a space voyage. Marvel could introduce the team by claiming that they were in space during the majority of events within the MCU. Heck, Thanos's rampage in the next two Avengers might be what brings them back to Earth.

4. Mutants Were Created By Scarlet Witch

While the introduction of the Fantastic Four may be simple, the introduction of the X-Men (and the Mutant race) is less so. The X-Men have always had a civil rights theme to them, and makes no sense to just say "they were always here" when there has been zero political discussion about Mutants in the other movies.

This is where the Scarlet Witch comes in.

In the House of M comic story line, Scarlet Witch uses her powers to demand that there be "no more Mutants", which wiped out the majority of the world's Mutant population. When introducing the X-Men and Mutants to the MCU, Marvel could make her do the opposite. Since her love interest Vision is arguably the most likely character to die in Infinity War, we could see Scarlet Witch have a mental breakdown. Since she has lost every person she loved (her brother Quicksilver died in Age of Ultron), it is possible that she may use her untapped reality warping powers (that she has in the comics) to create more people like her. It could then be explained that she always had superpowers, and that Hydra's experiments merely activated her Mutant genes.

3. Secret Invasion

Perhaps the biggest question audiences have about the MCU is what will it lead up to after Infinity War. After the Avengers contend with Thanos, who is the next big bad that they will build up to? With the addition of the X-Men and Fantastic Four, Marvel has a larger variety of big time villains to choose from. One of the more interesting possibilities is the heroes facing off against the Skrulls, an alien race of shape-shifting warriors. Marvel has already shown plans to include the Skrulls, as they are expected to make an appearance in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. Now that Marvel has control of the X-Men and Fantastic Four movies, they have a greater range to work with (in terms of the Skrulls) than they did before. A storyline with the Skrulls would very interesting, and possibly offer up some very good twists (like revealing that one of the heroes has been a Skrull for sometime).

2. Galactus

How do you top Thanos, an alien who, when in possession of all the Infinity Stones, can practically do whatever he wants? Well, how about a cosmic being whose diet consists of devouring entire planets? Not only would the all-powerful Galactus make for an awesome villain, but he could serve as a perfect way to introduce heroes such as the Silver Surfer (who Marvel also got control of because of the deal), Namor, and Nova. Besides, this character deserves a more dignified portrayal than just being a cloud (I'm looking at you Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer).

1. Dr. Doom As The Next Big Bad

Perhaps no comic book super villain has been as grossly misused in cinema as one Victor Von Doom. Now that the character is in the capable hands of Marvel Studios, the cinematic sins against this character can finally be rectified. While the Skrulls and Galactus may make for more "epic" big bads, Doom would make for a more personal, yet still incredibly dangerous threat. While Doom may initially come off as a Darth Vader-esque tyrant, the character has achieved god-like powers on many occasions in the comics. This is a character that can easily be made into one of the best cinematic villains in recent times.