We have all been there before: standing in the middle of Target wondering what our dad wants. But, if your dad is anything like my dad, he probably doesn't want something that is cheap and not very meaningful. Here are some ideas for some really fantastic gifts.

1. A personalized leather wallet


A personalized wallet is bound to be a hit with any dad. What dad doesn't want to see "Thanks for being a great dad" every time he opens his wallet?

2. A hilarious coffee mug


Okay, okay. I know what you're thinking. Mugs are pretty darn typical. But, this is no usual mug that you picked up on a quick 15 minute run to Target. This mug is bound to be a hit with every dad on any end of the political spectrum.

3. A personalized fish hook


THIS IS SO CUTE! Dads who fish would probably love this as a present, and bonus, it's functional!

4. A personalized hammer


Your dad may not use it, (dads are so particular about hammers) but he may display it and find it very sweet. I think this present is cute and personal without being too in-your-face.

5. A personalized ice cream spoon


I saved the best for last! This spoon is toooooo cute, and I know many people who would love to receive a present like this. Plus, it's not very expensive, and it is useful.

Many of these presents can be found on a site I love to use, Etsy. And, the best part is that many shops make similar items, but with a few differences. If there is a tiny thing you don't like on one item, you can probably find a different one that you like better. Happy Father's Day present hunting!