It is hard to ignore the effect that trash, especially plastic, is having on the ecosystem. I believe that every little action can make a difference. That is why I am trying to make my home environmentally friendly. This means using less plastic and creating less waste altogether. I would love to eventually go zero-waste. However, I do not believe I am ready for this just yet. Instead, I am starting with small changes, like shampoo and toilet paper.

Shampoo and toilet paper are something basically everyone uses. According to National Geographic, toilet paper wipes out a whopping 27,000 trees a day. says that about 522 million plastic shampoo bottles are thrown away each year! I can not but think about how big of an impact switching to environmentally friendly products would make. In this article, I will list five easy switches to make in your home. These switches can have a huge impact on the planet we live on.

1. Shampoo bar

Shampoo bars are not only environmentally friendly, but cost friendly as well. A shampoo bar is said to last as long as two or three shampoo bottles. The sell shampoo bars in bulk on Amazon and Etsy. Even Walmart and Target carry shampoo bars.

2. Biodegradable/recycled toilet paper

This is a link to toilet paper that is 100% recycled -

It is only 28 bucks for 48 rolls!

Here is another option that is a little more expensive -

3. Bamboo Toothbrushes

Bamboo is biodegradable, unlike plastic toothbrushes. this change cost almost nothing. Most bamboo toothbrushes are similar in price to plastic brushes.

4. Reusable Sandwich bags

Reusable sandwich bags are an alternative for Ziploc bags. Instead of putting you lunch in a Ziploc bag everyday, use one of these. The Earth and your wallet will thank you. They can be easily found online at Amazon or other sites.

5. Reusable Freezer bags

Reusable silicone bags can be used for freezing and storing meat in your freezer. Most people use Ziploc bags for this as well. However, reusable bags help lower the amount of plastic waste. Reusable bags also help you save money. Instead of buying Ziploc bags every week, I can just wash my bag.

I hope these ideas help you start going green!