The best dog door allows you the best of both worlds: that your dog can enjoy the comfort of your home, and that you can go explore outside.

The best dog doors should offer easy installation and safe use. The doors for more sophisticated dogs must have a microchip identification before allowing any dog to pass. Yes, you have heard well, there are doors that identify your dog so that they only allow the passage to him!

Before seeing the selection of doors that we have tried and prepared for you, we recommend that you read the full article.

  1. How to choose the door for your dog, and
  2. How to measure a dog to know which door to buy

We have reviewed the 5 best doors for dogs and these are:

  • Best electronic gate for dogs - PetSafe SmartDoor
  • Best door for the dog with a microchip - SureFlap Microchip pet door
  • The best cheap door of the dog - BarksBar Original Door of original plastic of the dog
  • For sliding glass door - PetSafe Freedom Aluminum aluminum patio
  • Best quality price - PetSafe entrance door aluminum wall PetSafe Pet entry door

Let's start by helping you know what features and specifications you should consider when buying a dog gate.

How to choose the best door for dogs

Let's face it - all the dogs want to go out, exercise, socialize, sunbathe or just take a breath of fresh air. The problem comes when your dog invites an unwanted guest without wanting to and dirt the floor with mud traces and puts the house upside down.

In the same way, dogs that can not get out of the door easily can start having urinary problems that they can not contain for a long time. Anxiety is a big problem for restless dogs that are forced to stay at home; This often results in unwanted behavior.

These scenarios can occur if you do not have a security door that does not imply watching your dog every time you want to go out and relieve yourself.

Finding the ideal door for your dog can be confusing because each dog is a world and each door is different, that is why for your decision to be the most successful, we have gathered all the useful information you need to not take a dislike .

These are some of the key factors when deciding which dog door you should buy.

Size - The weight of dogs

Remember that a dog can gain and lose weight. A dog door should be the right size for your dog - perhaps even a little larger in case you gain weight.

Choosing the right size and correct door height for your dog is important , because dogs not only age, but can also grow up if you decide to buy the door when they are still growing. We have a couple of guidelines to measure your dog (see the next section on How to measure your dog to know which door to buy).

Safety - Keep out stray dogs

Keeping stray dogs out is one of the challenges that a dog gate must face, especially if you have a female at home. Females can have many boyfriends at the same time when they go outside - and this can be a problem if you do not want puppies of an unwanted breed of dogs!

In the same way, stray dogs can also negatively affect males, as they may have fleas or some skin diseases that your pet may contract. On the other hand, most of these stray dogs can also tear up your house, so you have to find a way to keep them out and keep your own pet at home.

For this reason it is a smart option to acquire an electronic dog door with identification to make sure that you do not expect guests to enter the house.

Energy efficiency

Another thing that makes a doggie door effective is that it can block the cold to save more energy in the house in the long term, especially during the winter. It can also work in reverse during the summer, when you do not want the fresh air from the air conditioner to escape.

Most people do not want to place a door in their house due to this factor, and simply open the front door when the dog wants to leave, but this can have negative effects on the dog (as mentioned above with urinary problems.)

What you need to keep in mind is a door that closes easily - and firmly to prevent the escape of cold air during the summer or the escape of warm air during the winter.

The magnetic closure systems are excellent to leave no space for air to circulate.

Assembly - An easy but safe installation

Consider a pet door that offers an easy but safe method of installation. In fact, some of the best sliding doors for dogs are so simple that you do not need a lot of technology or carpentry skills to install them, like mounting a home phone system. The sliding doors are perhaps the easiest, but it depends on the type of installation.

The installations of regular doors are the most common. The installations on the wall can be a bit more difficult but they have the same price. And both require a cut.

The sliding doors for dogs or the panels that are inserted in the door are easier to install and do not require cuts. However, they will only work on sliding doors. They tend to have a higher price because they are not just a door for dogs, but a full glass panel.


Consider a door for puppies that is a safe value over time against the elements and the routine of entering and leaving. A waterproof door can be a great option if you live in a place where it rains often.

Remember that most doors for dogs with a more expensive price, offer greater durability due to the materials used. The outside will require a lot more cleaning, so be prepared for it too.

If you have chosen to choose an electronic dog door, make sure you have enough batteries to change them every few weeks or months.

5 Best Doors for dogs

In summary, the best doors for dogs are durable, resistant to the weather, easy to install, but above all, they are safe. There are two types of doors for pets:

  1. Electronic doors for dogs - more expensive (double) but only allow your pets to enter and leave.
  2. Doors for normal dogs - cheaper, but allow you to have your own dogs and pets separated.

I would not spend less than $ 30-50 unless you have very low expectations and you are bothered by a low quality product. For security reasons, I would personally invest something else to get an automatic door that only allows my dog to enter and leave the house.

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