5 Bands That Will Change Your Life

5 Bands That Will Change Your Life

Need some new music to listen to? Here are five of my favorite artists to listen to!


Over the summer, I have time to listen to more music than I typically do in the school year. Music has the ability to bring people together for events and concerts, and can evoke memories you have made with the people you love. Because of this, I was able to pick out some of the music that I enjoy listening to that brings up happy memories for me, and might do the same for you.

1. The Beatles. 

If you have never heard a Beatles song before, I think that you probably grew up under a rock. Personally, this band is my favorite to listen to. Their classic rock music truly changes lives, including mine. Some of my favorite Beatles songs include “Blackbird", “In My Life" and “A Day In The Life".

2. The Beach Boys. 

Especially in the summertime, The Beach Boys is the perfect music to enjoy while having a nice cold drink on the beach. This music has a relaxing feel that many artist do not have. Some of my favorite songs from the beach boys include “Good Vibrations" and “Wouldn't It Be Nice".

3. Nirvana. 

Nirvana is personally one of my favorite bands of all time. Cobain has a unique way of singing that draws listeners in. This band is another band that truly transformed music. Some of my favorite Nirvana songs include “Heart Shaped Box”, “Lithium”, and “Come As You Are”.

4. Fleetwood Mac. 

Fleetwood Mac produces very thought provoking music. The song “Landslide” makes you reflect on your life and what you have accomplished in it. Some other notable songs that the band produced that I enjoy are “Rhiannon” “The Chain” and “Dreams”.

5. The Bangles. 

For some more upbeat music that you can dance to, the Bangles is a perfect choice. This all girl 80’s band produced music that led to a trend of all girl bands to be formed in the 80’s. Some of their best songs include “Manic Monday”, “Eternal Flame”, and “Walk Like an Egyptian”.

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