When you settle into college there are certain essentials that you need to help adjust to living by yourself and accustomed to the college lifestyle.

These five things would make adjusting to the college lifestyle a little easier.

1. Debit Card/Credit Card

A debit card/credit card is essential for every college student to have even if you barely have any money in your bank account. Nobody nowadays carries cash and it is so much easier to have someone pay you back/you pay someone back when you could easily do it through Venmo.

2. Headphones

Headphones are the savior of all college students. They help when your walking from place to place and studying or when your just trying to avoid a conversation with someone. Just put on your headphones

3. Snacks

Snacks are essential for every college student who needs a something to munch on when they are late night studying or when they need something to eat when the dining hall is closed or when they do not want to spend any more money.

4. Advil/Tylenol

Advil/Tylenol is necessary when you had too much fun the night before or when you catch the inevitable cold while being in college. Advil/Tylenol saves you from the days where you feel like you can't even get out of bed.

5. Things That Remind You Of Back Home

Whether they are pictures, an object, or anything else, reminding yourself where you come from and why you are here is crucial when you start staying at college.

These things help any college student get through the tough days of college life!