5 Amazing Team Communication Hacks

5 Amazing Team Communication Hacks

Team Communication Hacks

Team communication is one of the biggest contributors to overall team productivity when done right, or reversely, one of the most serious inhibitors when done wrong. In fact, a Mckinsey study found that workplace connectivity can increase overall employee productivity by up to 25%. This shows that whether your team will function as a productive unit largely depends on how well team members communicate between each other. This sounds like a relatively simple process, but in practice it can be tricky, often complicated by team structures, organizational culture, a lack of team alignment, and a lack of a clear system of communication.

Luckily there are good practices in each of the above categories that can put you on the right path to improved communication, and thus a better functioning and more productive team. While there’s no one ‘silver bullet’ when it comes to team communication, the right combination of different best practices can begin the process of improving team communication. In this regard, below you will find 5 hacks for better team communication. Try them out and adjust them to your individual needs, and you’ll certainly see benefits.

Focus on team culture

Communication styles and functionality largely stem from team culture. Teams that value employee contributions and encourage team members to freely speak their minds often find that communication naturally flows between team members without strict structures or procedures. In contrast, in teams with strict hierarchies and unspoken rules of not ‘speaking out of turn,’ communication can be dampened, if not outright halted. By focusing on the right team values, such as collaboration, continuous learning, and mutual respect, and truly living those values, you can build a culture of open communication.

Structure your team to meet your needs

While culture is an important underlying aspect to team communication and collaboration, if at times difficult to define and quantify, team structure can also go a long way to improving team communication. Whether you’re arranged in sub teams based on shared work streams, or temporary working groups for specific projects, ensuring that team members have the chance to continuously interact with colleagues with whom they share responsibilities can help catalyze communication and collaboration. This structure should also be present in your choice of team communication tool. Private team communication networks are a great option in this regard, allowing you to integrate your team structure into your IM network, thus further encouraging team communication and collaboration.

Get everyone onboard

Implementing any changes to team communication without taking the time to ensure that all team members are on board can easily become counterproductive. Unless all team members are aligned on the need for structural or cultural changes within the team, the likelihood of these changes leading to the desired result is greatly reduced. Ultimately, the goal is for these changes to be meaningful and embraced by all team members, and this can only happen when team members have a shared understanding of 1) the need for these changes, and 2) the desired result these changes are aiming for. By taking the time to align on these points you will go a long way to guaranteeing your ultimate outcome.

Create the appropriate communications structure

Who shares with whom, and in what frequency, is a crucial question for any team looking to improve their communication. While there’s no one size fits all approach to communication structures, and even within a team structures need to be revisited, your team should at the very least aim for clear owners of every meeting event (team meetings, one on ones, etc.). These owners’ have the responsibility to make a case as to the frequency and focus of the event. This owner should also solicit periodic feedback from team members as to the structure and efficacy of the events. This more fluid approach will allow your team to continuously improve your communications structures.

Feedback, feedback, feedback

Your best source of information as to how your team communication approach is going, and what needs to be improved, lies directly within your team. No one approach will work forever, as the modern workplace is dynamic with new team members and projects, technological developments, and changing market trends. By continuously seeking out feedback from your team members as to the efficacy of team communications, you can ensure that you are well positioned to adapt to these changes. This is also a great way to demonstrate the value of open communication within your team!

In conclusion

Improving your team communication is one of the best ways to increase team productivity and overall satisfaction. This goal starts with developing a team culture of openness, respect and shared understanding of the importance of collaboration, and is solidified with team structures and communication tools. While there’s no one approach to this issue, and some of these hacks will work better for certain teams, this holistic view will go a long way to creating a team that values the importance of open communication, and thus reaps the numerous benefits that it leads to.

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Odyssey is fantastic. I love writing, so I can write something fun or silly, or do a list of something if I experience a brain fart.

However, with million of writers posting articles everyday, how do I create original content? Yes, there are endless things to write, until you realize that four other people wrote about the same topic, with the same title.

The articles posted on Odyssey's Facebook page are very creative, and I struggle with that. Before I plan to write any article, I think about "Is this a popular topic and are there similar articles published?" 90% of the time, it's a yes. I only began writing recently but how does one get acknowledged in the remaining 10%?.

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I overthink a lot and put a lot of energy into what is something my audience would be interested in. How can I expand my horizons as a writer?

My first article was a listicle, because I was just getting started, until I found more ideas related to family, culture and concentrating on what makes me 'unique'. I hope that my future articles will continue to reflect the kind of person am I and that my experiences can inspire/bring change in a positive manner.

Don't get me wrong... those listicles are great for a good chuckle, but it doesn't leave you with anything life changing. In that manner, I love that Odyssey challenges me to expand outside the box and bring new ideas to the table, with every article.

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5 Reasons Joining A Sorority Was The Best Decision I Made


I’ve never been the sappy type.

I absolutely hate corny sentiments, and I am the last person you want to come to if you are having an emotional day. So naturally the idea of “sorority sisterhood” confused me. I was nauseous at the idea of “joining a sorority to meet my future bridesmaids” and “being sisters for life.”

It seemed as if the relationships were artificial and being formed for appearance. Were these girls that you called your “sisters” really the ones that you went to for advice, or was it just a façade that covered up all of the drama that truly went on?

Regardless of my skepticism I decided to participate in rush in hopes of trying to find my niche on Villanova’s campus. After the draining process, I decided to rush Kappa Delta, and it was the best decision I made in my college career thus far. All the preconceived notions about sorority life flew out the window the second I opened my envelope and rushed home to these girls.

1. Things get weird: and that is OKAY.

Stuffing our faces with five slices of pizza, bowling very poorly, or talking about our weird eating habits is how we do our sisterly bonding. We sit there laughing at the ridiculous moments we all have experienced, feeling completely comfortable around each other. These conversations are pure and genuine and allow new friendships to form out of fun experiences.

2. Big Little Week: only the BEST WEEK OF YOUR LIFE

You walk into your room to find your entire bed decorated with fun goodies. Free t-shirts, fun foods, and sorority décor are carefully arranged on your bed every day by your future Big. Sure, the free items are cool to receive but there is something else that is so special about this week.

Without even knowing the sister that will be your future Big you develop a special connection through seeing how much she cares about you. You immediately feel comfortable around this girl, able to go to her with the smallest concerns. This week is the beginning of a great future of a strong friendship, great laughs, and irreplaceable love.

3. Service Opportunities: DO IT FOR THE GIRL SCOUTS

I love to get involved in helping out the local community, and a sorority was the perfect way to do that. It allowed me to become a part of something bigger than myself and support causes that might not have impacted me, but definitely affected others. I am now actively trying to alleviate child abuse, as well as incite confidence within young girls.

4. New Friendships!

A group of 47 girls were all bound together by one thing: sorority sisterhood. We didn’t know anything about each other yet we immediately started saying ‘hi’ to one other everywhere on campus, supporting individual successes in academics, and giving advice on any conflicts. I now have an amazing group of women there for me no matter what difficulties I face, and I know I can always rely on them when I need them most.

5. Confidence: YOU. SLAY. GIRL.

Although I may be obnoxious and loud at times, I am a very self-conscious individual. I never thought I was pretty, always worried about how white my teeth were, and don’t even get me started on what I think about my nose. However, joining a sorority allowed me to feel comfortable in my own skin. I could have a bare face, my hair up in a bun, and sweatpants on, and the only thing the girls would be worried about is the words coming out of my mouth. I don’t need to put on a façade in order to be in front of these girls. I can just be myself.

Cover Image Credit: Victoria Schmidt

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