Hey Dad, I just want to say thank you. You're the coolest. If genetics works how I think it does, I'm approximately half as cool as you are... which I'll take any day.

We're pretty similar. We're both introverted. We both love food. We both love the Dallas Cowboys. We both laugh at the same stupid stuff.

You're my favorite person. You're the only person I can stand to call regularly.

More than anything, you've shown me love every day of my life, whether it be:

- teaching me how to pitch at the ripe age of seven (and, along with it, get nailed in the shins dozens of times)

- making it to almost all (if not all) of my softball games even though you have a wacky work schedule

- supporting my decision to stop playing softball after 8+ years

- taking me hunting and accepting the fact that that meant I would be reading in the tree stand instead of actually paying attention

- taking me fishing and not laughing too hard whenever I fall (which is a lot)

- letting me paint the basement wall orange when I was 8 because I was bored and I just had to paint something [too bad I got bored <10 minutes in, and that orange wall remained until we moved]

- answering my somewhat random football questions even if it is during a play

- waking up at 4am to make me eggs before my first day of work

- getting me chocolate from the store even when I tell you I don't want anything because you know that I always want chocolate

- putting up with my attitude whenever I get sleepy (but let's be real, I always have an attitude)

- tons and tons and tons more

Thank you for loving me and teaching me everything I know. You are the best role model, teaching me that hard work and being kind will get you where you need to go in life. I can't imagine a better dad than you. I know I don't say it enough, but I love you.