43 Ways To Continue Procrastinating

Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything you have not done yet? I think we all are. Well, if you are anything like me, you are probably procrastinating on everything as well. Similar to Spongebob's list of what not to do at a stoplight -- here is a list of slightly fulfilling to moderately productive ways you can continue to procrastinate.

1. Sleep.

2. Masturbate.

3. Start a new Netflix series.

4. Eat nachos.

5. Eat ice-cream.

6. Look at jobs you won't apply for for at least five years.

7. Go on a pet finding website and see how many animals you you may want someday.

8. Make an artsy snap story about how you are procrastinating.

9. Make a dramatic Instagram post.

10. Delete emails while checking out new music.

11. Suddenly decide this is the time to do your laundry.

12. This is the time to clean your room.

13. This is the time to call someone back.

14. Make your dentist and doctors appointments for the next year.

15. Go shopping for that thing you always wanted but have not had time to get yet.

16. Become a gym rat, even if only for a day.

17. Make a video of you covering your favorite song.

18. Create a cool catch phrase for yourself.

19. Do some DIY background checks on all of the people in your life via Google.

20. Start that novel and / or rap song you keep talking about.

21. Write a list of someone's good qualities and give it to them.

22. Look up how-to videos for projects you haven't purchased the materials for yet.

23. Clip your toe-nails -- it's been a while.

24. Write to your local congress about grievances and qualms you have with the way things are being done.

25. Watch stand-up comedy videos.

26. Write a pros and cons list about a decision you still have not made yet.

27. Learn the "Cup Song" everyone was doing a few summers ago.

28. Start working on some project or assignment that is not due for three weeks.

29. Look up pop culture references you still do not understand.

30. Create a Pinterest account (or if you have one, then just kill a few hours on there).

31. Rearrange your furniture.

32. Clean out your closet.

33. Reevaluate the books you own and whether or not they are worth keeping.

34. Go through your food an find out if those hummus containers have expired yet.

35. Create a new Spotify playlist for a specific animal. For example, if a turtle were to sound like any combination of music, then it would be this.

36. Find purpose.

37. Go through your list of Facebook friends and delete those people from middle school who you never really liked anyway.

38. Throw out all of those glue sticks that don't work anymore.

39. Do a pushup.

40. Go online shopping.

41. Find the things you have misplaced, but gave up on.

42. Find Waldo.

43. Sit and reflect.

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