43 Precious Memories While Attending University Of North Georgia

43 Precious Memories While Attending University Of North Georgia

I met the most amazing people at this university. Thank you. I wish you the best.

My years at the University of North Georgia were transformative years for me. Anyone who knew me in 2012 will attest to this fact. In so many ways I have grown — even almost beyond recognition. I credit this to the powers of education, my relationships (friends or otherwise) and God's enduring patience.

So, here is a handful of some of my most special moments at the University of North Georgia, not in any particular order.

1. Meeting the three people, in my first day of class ever, who would become enduring friends.

Melanie, Joshua, and Alicia — You have no idea the impact that you had on a post-high school me.

Melanie, your kindness and faith always made me want to be a kinder and gentler person. You help me to see the love of Christ when other Christians do not reflect it. You are truly a ray of sunshine and light up any room you enter.

Alicia, I still miss your presence in Dahlonega although I know that you are only a text away. Your level-headed and well thought-out and reasoned advice guided me through the choppy waters of my Junior year. You taught me to expect better from people and to have higher standards in whom I call my friend. Thank you for that.

Joshua, I never see you enough, but when we see each other, we pick up like we were never apart. Thank you for being someone who is interested in the "boring things" of life. You have such a sweet and kind heart. Your students, whoever they are, are extremely lucky to have you as their teacher. I am so proud of how confident and capable you are. Keep taking on the world and making everyone in Forsyth County proud.

2. Receiving the grade from my first English paper

Everyone in the 7:25 a.m. 1102 English class would wait until they were in the hall, then flip over their papers. Good or bad, we were there for each other. Thank you, Dr. Francis, for your firm grading, excellent teaching and human compassion. You stand out as an exemplary professor.

3. Going to the gym... then eating Zaxby's

Alicia and Melanie...we tried so hard to be healthy. We are just really bad at it.

4. The psychology class, 2013 Cumming campus students know what I'm talking about.

5. Being attacked by the geese on the Oakwood campus... the first time.

6. Quitting my job at McDonald's

Hardest, most thankless job of my life. It existed as my motivation to succeed.

7. Working as a live-in nanny

8. Finishing all of my math classes — forever

9. Losing 60 pounds.

10. Meeting a lovely friend group my first year in Dahlonega (The Nuclear Unit)

Snowpocalypse forever.

11. Meeting and befriending the man who would become my fiance

12. The Crimson Moon on Wednesday nights

13. Becoming pro-life

14. Meeting other pro-life activists

15. UNG students for life! You rock, Scarlet Baasch. Joshua...well, you are very tall.

16. Having a used tampon thrown at me

17. Eating outside of Chow on crisp fall days with my friends

18. Passing geography... it was a close one. Who would have guessed there would be physics in that?

19. Re-meeting a lovely woman who spent so much time helping me learn

I was not always an apt pupil, but you were a patient and enthusiastic teacher, Cynthia Vendetti.

20. Joining the UNG theatre guild (thank you, Shae Garrett)

21. Working for Jan's Family Daycare, and meeting a wonderful friend, Kate Koehler

22. Joanna Toso

Words cannot describe your amazing-ness. You are a blessing to everyone you meet.

23. A wooden swing outside of Young Hall, a beautiful spring day, Alex watching me while I swing. We chat, and that was the first time either of us really realized that we like-liked each other...a lot.

24. Cinnamon Coffee at Einstein's

25. That one time Alex, Walker, and I went to BCM, and it was way worse than any of us could have way imagined.

Way worse.

26. Sitting in the Jeep, listening to music

27. El Jimador

28. Going to March for Life in Washington D.C.

29. When Alex and I attended a bioethics conference in Atlanta (and every academic there loved him)

30. Haley Aponte. We survived ESL!

31. English Standard Grammar being the worst four hours of my life every week

32. Spanish. Soy no bueno.

33. My best friend, who became my boyfriend, who became my fiance

34. Bear on the Square festival

It's the best festival of the year.

35. The tranquility of summer classes, and the relationships you make in those small group settings

36. The absolutely incredible teachers in the history department

37. Waiting on Gabriel Scroggs and Taylor Strayhorn

Thank you guys for the memories.

38. Sitting at Einstein's, drinking coffee, chatting with friends

It's one of my favorite memories.

39. The 2016 election

If I can survive this, I can survive anything.

40. That one pro-life event where more than 10 people changed their minds on abortion.

41. Becoming assertive, caring more, desiring more out of life and gaining confidence

42. Passing all of my classes, meeting all of my own expectations and feeling a sense of pride in hard work

43. Complaining about UNG

I have so many friends that I could not name everyone, but I want you to know that if you ever shared a table at Einstein's with me, you are special and I am very grateful to you. All of you have changed me. Thank you for that. Thank you for being in my life.

Cover Image Credit: Carly McCurry

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Dear Universities, Please Hire Good Professors

I didn't sign up for tens of thousands dollars in student loans to teach myself in several courses.


Have you ever had that one professor who completely ruined a class for you? Whether it was because they have zero teaching skills, clearly didn't want to be there or spoke almost no English, they made life hell for you. The sad thing is that I've had way too many of these cases and I'm only a sophomore in college.

The whole point of attending university is being taught by experts in your field, who will take extra time of their day to help you understand difficult concepts, thoroughly explain during their lectures and transform you into successful professionals one day. Getting a degree is not an easy task; students have heavy course loads to juggle with extracurriculars and on-campus jobs as well. We rely on professors to teach us so that we can do the work easily.

I did not sign up to be tens of thousands of dollars in debt from student loans so that researchers, who have never taught a day in their life, are forced to lecture me on cell biology because the university requires them to be professors to do research here.

Any grade school teacher will say that they went into this profession because they love TEACHING. They spend time on making lesson plans and working out ways to explain one concept five different times for students who might not get it the first time around, even if it's teaching introductory biology to 7th graders when they have a master's degree in that field. It should be the same way with college professors. If you don't have an education degree, you shouldn't be teaching. Plain and simple. I want to love a class because my professor makes it interesting and clearly loves what they're doing, not because they're just here to do research. We can't learn well just by teaching ourselves a difficult course of brand new material.

Now, before you argue with me that immigrants have every right to teach here, I'm going to stop you. I'm the child of immigrants, so I'm all for them to work here. The difference is that my parents worked their butts off to become fluent enough in English to become successful in their jobs. If you are going to teach at an American university in English, please for crying out loud, be able to speak and understand the language well enough to communicate with students properly. I don't care if you have an accent, I just want my questions understood and answered in a way I can comprehend.

What happened to putting the students, on whom pays this institution millions intuition, first? I can't become a successful Physician Assistant without the professors who put forth 110% effort into making sure I understand the material and made me love my major. They are the ones who deserve those jobs, not some fancy Ivy League researcher who thinks they're above public state university students. The ones who will meet with you outside of office hours to go over exams, come to your exam review sessions and stay after with you to discuss questions, even though it's late and they have a kid at home, are the kind of people that should be hired over others.

So dear American universities,

Give me what I'm paying for.


An angry college student who will pay tuition for your graduate school as well.

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