Syllabus week is in full swing and the mixed emotions are upon us. Do we go out or do we get decent sleep? Should we commit to the spring break bod or do we enjoy the dining hall cupcakes? Stressful decisions. I’ve attempted to document some thoughts I’ve had during this crazy week for you to hopefully relate to. Here are 42 thoughts many college kids have their first week back from break:

  1. How is it the first day of class and I’m already stressed.
  2. How do you do laundry again?
  3. Why is this syllabus 35 pages long?
  4. You take attendance every single class? Great.
  5. Woah, woah, why are you actually teaching things on the first day?
  6. I don’t know why I thought I could handle 9 am’s every day.
  7. A test the week after spring break...perfect.
  8. I don’t have any fun facts about myself.
  9. Homework already…
  10. Is it acceptable to go out tonight if I went out last night...
  11. And the night before that...
  12. And the night before that?
  13. Should I try today?
  14. Leggings and a t-shirt it is.
  15. When did it actually get cold?
  16. I forgot how much walking this is.
  17. Of course I didn’t bring an umbrella.
  18. I’m really going to try harder this semester.
  19. Are we ever going to actually use this $200 textbook?
  20. Why is this textbook actually $200…
  21. I need a nap.
  22. I didn’t miss dining hall food.
  23. Okay, maybe the desserts.
  24. But I really need to eat healthier.
  25. That cake has a strawberry on top, it’s kinda healthy.
  26. Is that my alarm?
  27. It honestly feels like I’ve been sleeping for 5 minutes.
  28. What is considered a healthy amount of sleep?
  29. What am I going to do on Saturday’s now that there’s no football?
  30. Sleep, probably.
  31. Okay, this semester I’m going to wake up early enough to actually eat breakfast.
  32. *wakes up 15 minutes before class starts*
  33. I really need to not procrastinate this semester.
  34. I should find a new Netflix show to watch.
  35. Do I start Grey’s again?
  36. Maybe Friday Night Lights?
  37. My goal is to get a 4.0.
  38. Nope, way too unrealistic.
  39. How about 3.5? There we go.
  40. Maybe a 3.0, whatever.
  41. Should I just drop out?
  42. I love this school so much.

Stay #sylly, my friends.