1. Why are you taking up three washing machines?

2. Who put my wet clothes on the floor?

3. Can someone please take this persons clothes out of the dryer?

4. Why is dinning hall food so horrible?

5. *puts 30 cookies in a backbag*

6. Why have I gained 15 pounds?

7. God bless soft serve ice cream.

8. I hope my RA doesn't find out I'm hiding this puppy in my room.

9. I hope my RA doesn't find out I have alcohol in the fridge.

10. I hope my RA is deaf.

11. Why are we having a fire drill at 9 a.m.?

12. Why is their no parking spaces?

13. Why is the walk from overflow so far?

14. When are they gonna build a parking garage?

15. Why is there so much construction?

16. What's the move tonight?

17. Please...put the stop sign back.

18. Why is there a traffic cone in your dorm room?

19. God bless Waffle House.

20. Am I still drunk? Or just hungover?

21. Do you think I can boil this water in the microwave?

22. Stop slamming your door!

23. Why is my suitemate showering at 2 a.m.?

24. Sleep is for the weak.

25. Crap, I slept through my alarm.

26. Why did I take an 8 a.m.?

27. I should dress nice today...maybe I'll wear leggings instead of sweatpants. 28. Do you think I have no other classes and live to complete your pointless assignments?

29. Why is this assignment due at 11:59 p.m. and not midnight?

30. I think I'm gonna skip class.

31. Oh my god she cancelled class!!!

32. *zones out while professor rambles about politics*

33. Please don't call on me. Please don't call on me. Please don't call on me.

34. Due in 2 weeks? Do in 2 weeks.

35. Is it break yet?

36. We have a Quidditch Team?!37. You're from Kappa Alpha what now?

38. What's your major?

39. Where did all my money go?

And finally...

40. Hit me...pay my college tuition.