4 Tips For A Community College Student

Community college is an interesting place. In every place you spend a lot of time at, you're bound to meet new people there. Of course, being community college, you'll be hard pressed to find a set community. At Tidewater Community College, most people get in, and quickly get out. Friends can be made, but without a strong campus life, you're bound to feel the lack of connection. Here, I'm simply going to give some tips to make it through your first semester (or maybe your future semesters, if it applies!)

1. Find a community.

This needed to be mentioned first. Your community college will be a lonely place without some sort of community. There's likely to actually be clubs to join there. Joining a club about something you're interested in could potentially move you closer to your post-college goal, whether you're joining a computer club, which gives you valuable knowledge on the workings of a computer and how to take care of it. There are many possibilities available to you there.

2. Form study groups.

At the end of the day, you're still at college. Grades are important. It's quite self-explanatory. You want to do well, but so does everyone else. Help each other out! You can encourage good performance among each other in class as well as keeping each other on track.

3. Talk to your counselors.

Surely you've heard this before, but it can't be said enough (and it's advice I wish I'd took sooner). Your counselors have resources available to you that will help you move ahead with the clearest possible route. They can map out classes, or tell you which classes that would be best for you to take. They're an extremely valuable resource.

4. And lastly, enjoy yourself!

It's still college and you're still young! You're naturally going to want enjoy yourself. If you're plugged into a community, that should be simple enough. Just make sure you do responsibly. Your safety should be your top priority.

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