4 Things You Should Know Before Trying to Get SNL Tickets

1. The key word is "trying"

An attempt to get SNL tickets is just that. It requires waiting in line outside on the streets of New York for hours, sometimes in the bitter cold or rain (undesirable weather conditions do help with the length of the line, though), and you may not even get tickets to the taping of the show or the dress rehearsal. Even getting a standby ticket at 7 am on the day of the show does not guarantee admission because standby ticket holders are seated only in spots that regular ticket holders leave empty. This means the number of standby ticket holders who actually watch Saturday's show fluctuates from week to week, and the length of the line varies greatly with the musical guest and host. Look in advance to see if the show you want to watch will have a long line and plan accordingly.

2. The line can be fun or miserable

It’s what you make it. You probably won’t sleep well because you are outside on the sidewalk in the largest city in America, so bring something to do and keep the vibes fun. The minute you start feeling down or like you want to go home, the slower the time will pass. Sometimes a good spot in line requires lining up a day or even more in advance, but sometimes it only requires a few hours. So bring your friends, pretend you're camping, and have some bonding time. It can be a ton of fun, and that is how it should be.

3. There are two ticket options

When 7 am on Saturday morning rolls around and the kind people at NBC begin to hand out tickets, there are two options for those in line. The first is for the live taping of the show, which is the more famous one and the one that will air on television. The second is the dress rehearsal, which happens before the live show. The dress rehearsal features the same skits as the live show and sometimes additional ones that for whatever reason cannot or will not air on television. For this reason, some people prefer the dress rehearsal and claim it is funnier. Depending on your place in line, it may be more likely to gain admittance to one show or the other, so take into consideration the number of spots on the waitlist that are filled in front of you.

4. It is all worth it

Seeing SNL Live is one of the coolest things this city has to offer. Even through hours of waiting, sitting, and wondering if you’ll be admitted, in the end an opportunity to watch the show from the studio is too good to miss. You don't have to do it every weekend, but everyone should do it once.

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