4 Things You Can Cook If You Really Can't Cook

I love cooking and honestly, I'm pretty good at it too, but I know a lot of people struggle to find things that are easy and doable when they're just learning how to cook.

1. Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

Find the recipe here. I prefer buffalo ranch over just the plain buffalo sauce.

2. Instant Pot Chicken and Rice

All it takes is 30 minutes and you've got a full meal.

3. Chicken Parm Pasta

Based on this recipe, it sounds and seems a little difficult, but it really isn't. Any one-pot recipes are generally pretty quick and easy.

4. Tacos

Tacos are actually one of the easiest things to make especially if you use ground beef. All you need to is brown the beef, add it some taco seasoning, and you're pretty much good to go.

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