4 Things I Learned From Growing Up In A Sex Negative Home

As growing up, at first being a young kid talking about anything sex or body related such as periods was always considered funny, it was new and awkward. But having a family that was sex-negative, it wasn't her brought up, let alone accepted. As my family didn’t know anything about it, let alone thought it was weird or gross to talk about, I never had that chance to ask anything in a positive light in my family, I couldn't and didn’t ask anything as I was shamed for the one time I did. I was shamed and put down for the one time I stumbled on porn when I was 12. So I had to research online everything to get accurate information, I had to look through different articles, watch sex-positive channels and other things like that to learn everything accurate that my family or school didn’t provide. I had do all this and even watch documentaries to even learn anything, being shamed if they ever found out, which they never did as I kept it hidden. It was hard especially through puberty when all these hormones are new and you don’t know what’s going on, it was scary, new and weird, I didn’t know where to start. But after all these years of being ashamed of doing my own research and just honestly being interested in the topic of sex and everything that came along and whatever was related. I realized nothing is wrong with researching it, that’s why I turned my previously negative connotation towards all this into a positive one. I decided, that it’s my decision and why should I let something so natural be so mysterious and taboo, why should I stop myself from knowing all about it, it’s everyones own choice what they want to do about a certain topic, I just chose to take the topic into my own hands and make it acceptable for me.

1. It’s OK To Talk About It/Know About It

Yes, it’s ok and perfectly acceptable to know anything about it, the more you know the more the more comfortable it becomes. While, yes I had a negative connotation towards it before, but decided that I wanted to change that, that despite it being taboo that I don’t think it has to be. Just because I want to be educated and safe doesn’t mean I am anything less than human, I can still be educated without being a so called “hoe”, I can be smart and still be conservative with my body.

2. You’re Not A Stereotype

With being sex positive and knowing a lot of information about it, generally you’re perceived as a “hoe” or any other negative word you can think of. But I promise you, you aren’t in the slightest, Just because you are educated in the slightest doesn't mean what you do in your personal life equates to you being a hoe.

3. Being Educated Is A Good Thing

While, I haven’t been put down for ever knowing a lot or having a interest online, I have always been put down by family, as they thought it was weird and strange. As when I was younger, I was taught that, then I ended up feeling embarrassed and thought that knowing a lot was weird too. But as I've grown older, I have realized that I shouldn’t be shamed for my interests or what I choose to educate myself in. I have realized over the years, I get to portray myself as I want in real life and online. If online I choose to talk about these topics, I can so choose, as same as real life.

4. Your Knowledge Is Valid

Even though I was repeatedly put down for me researching about the topic of sex, like how to protect myself, any diseases their are etc. I realized it's ok to know this stuff. While I can easily and proudly state I am still a virgin, I am not embarrassed anymore to know a lot about the subject. The more I know the more I can be aware and better protect myself if it ever arises in a situation. I have taught myself that by knowing this stuff I am valid, I don't need approval to learn about my own and others anatomy without it being weird. I don't need anyones ok or anyones judgement as I know at least I can be better prepared and more educated. I know by having this knowledge if any situation arises I can know what to do and not have to freak out.

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