4 Stereotypes For Sororities That Are Not True

As an international student, I came to Centre with little knowledge of what sororities mean. I had no idea what rush was and what a close sisterhood really stood for. My parents even prevented me from doing this because they thought it is a waste of time. However, regardless of other people’s comments, I chose to follow my heart, and it’s truly the best decision that I have ever made. I’m so grateful that I got to meet all of my sisters who are also my role models in life in the past semester. Being an active member of Kappa Kappa Gamma now, I find there are many stereotypes towards sorority girls or even the Greek community that are not true. Here are four of them that I want to share.

1. Sorority girls are dumb

Okay, I blame Legally Blonde. The media portrays sorority girls as blonde Barbie dolls who only go to college for meeting boys and having fun without caring much about their grades. But this isn’t true, guys! First, in order to rush, you need to have a minimum GPA, and each sorority in my school has its own standard. What’s more, for my chapter, we have Academic Excellence Committee that helps each girl in my chapter with their exams, setting up conferences with professors or reserving study rooms during finals. Also, many of my sisters’ names would appear on the dean list at the end of each semester, which is an award for the students at Centre who keep a GPA higher than 3.6. In this case, we can see that sorority girls are not dumb at all, and what we do is balancing our schoolwork and sorority events. Study hard, play harder!

2. Sororities are exclusive

Again, movies depict sorority girls as white, rich, and beautiful. Many people believe that since they don't fit these “stereotypes”, they can’t be accepted by any sororities. This is also not true! Personally, I’m an international student from China. My sisters never treat me differently. They all accept who I am, and where I come from. It’s super comfortable to sit with them in Cowan or do any group projects with them. Even though I haven’t had a chance to know all of them very well, they still support me unconditionally. For example, my big is the one who is always patient with me. Anytime I need anything, or simply want to talk with someone, she is the one who I can always turn to.

3. Sorority girls are all “party animals”

I personally don't think that sorority girls do party more than an average college student. People may get this impression because there are a lot of Greek events such as formals and date parties. However, all these events are held once a semester, not once a week.

4. Hazing

This is a difficult stereotype to address. I am only a sister in one sorority, so I can only speak on my sorority’s behalf. I don't know what goes on behind “close doors” in other sororities. For my chapter, the pledging process is more likely to be a learning process for new members. There was no any of these hazing behaviors existing at all. Additionally, if you ever get hazed, no matter how hard it is, I would suggest reporting it. No one deserves to get hurt!

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