Ladies, there are some things we just all need to figure out about men in relationships. However, these things take time, and are not easily seen within the first stages. I've been dating someone for almost a year now, so I wouldn't consider myself an expert or a love guru by any means. However, I have come up with a few relationship hacks that have helped me personally.

Here are 4 relationship hacks that have helped me along the way:

1. Teach your man how to properly Pinterest.

This is by far my proudest life hack. Although this may have taken my man's man card, he really knows so much about my taste because I taught him how to access my Pinterest boards.

This skill will solve the following questions:

1. What do you want for your birthday?
2. What do you want for Christmas?
3. Will she like this?
4. I wonder if she likes "________."

This is a great tool for him to really get to know me and my personality.

2. Write down the cute things.

Even if it is just a sentence. It will make all of the difference in the world if you can reminisce on something cute that he said, or a spontaneous date you went on. Keeping track of the little things are so much fun to look back on the longer you are in a relationship.

You never know when or where you will be able to use this information. For example, this comes in handy when your scrap booking, telling a story to a small group of friends, or writing a speech for your rehearsal dinner.

3. Keep the Cyber-stalking of Ex's to a minimum (or nonexistent, if all possible).

We are all guilty of this. Women are curious beings of nature—somethings we just have to know! However, if the relationship gets to a point that is serious, he will reveal all you need to know about previous relationships. Yes, this might be a hard pill to swallow for some of us: we don't need to know everything about everyone. I've learned that in all seriousness, this really helped me get to know my significant other without any distractions.

If you must stalk, then stalk. But stalk responsibly. Not for hours upon hours.

4. Be able to live life together, but also separately.

This has been the hardest things for me to balance. I want to be with him all of the time, but its not a healthy way to live, putting my friends on the back burner. A sign of a healthy relationship is the ability to love independently. Live life together, but have your separate lives with your friends, enjoying hobbies you like to do, and just time to yourself. Too much of one thing is never healthy, and that includes people as well. You will be surprised how much your relationship can improve with this balance.

Now some of these are more serious than others. However, speaking from personal experience, these have helped me so much. Relationships can be really complicated, and by following these hacks I can't say everything will be completely peachy. But I can say I hope you learn to enjoy getting to know each other (whatever that looks like), enjoy the little things, and continue to love your separate lives together!