4 Reasons Why You Should Be Kind To Elephants

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Kind To Elephants

I speak for the Elephants.

Recently, President Donald Trump signed an act that has legalized the previous ban on the trade of elephant trophies. This action is detrimental to the already decreasing elephant population in Africa and will without a doubt bring the species one step closer to extinction. This article points out 4 factual reasons why you should stand up for elephants and stand against the hazardous decision that will most likely determine the species' fate.

1. Ivory has no real value.

Ivory is made of the same compound that human teeth is composed of. The only difference is the tusks of elephants are large enough to carve from. The value we have placed on it is completely manmade. We might as well save our baby teeth and make trinkets out of them.

2. All of this, for a trinket.

The main reason Ivory is desired is to manufacture goods like trinkets, utensils, jewelry and religious figures. An entire species is going to go extinct for commonplace objects that could easily be made out of something else. Save an elephant, desire marble and jewels instead.

3. Every hour, 5 elephants are killed.

Just last year alone, 35,000 members of the species were slaughtered. A detrimental number to an already small population. They don’t even stand a chance.

4. We have been here before.

Subspecies have already gone extinct, like the North African Elephant, and there is no doubt that history will continue to repeat itself. History always repeats itself.

But just as humans are the reason we have gotten into this mess in the first place, we are the only ones who can turn it around. If you feel compassionate about this horrible decision, there is a few things you can do to stand up against President Trump. The first step you can take is signing Humane Society of The Unites States of America’s petition. You can also donate to organizations that are trying their very best to reverse these actions, like the The American Wildlife Foundation or The Word Wildlife Fund. But above all else, the best thing you can do in these situations is keep yourself educated. Continue to seek out information that explains why all these governmental changes are harmful. Stay on top of current events. Keep reading. Stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Speak for the Trees.

Speak for Elephants.

Speak for the Planet.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Open Your Eyes, Animals Are Gay, Too

So are animals brainwashed, as well?

Gaycism | gay + racism | noun

Intense fear or hatred of homosexuality

Homosexual sex, relations, and love are exhibited through prehistoric times, the era of the Greeks and Romans, and Victorian England. However, human beings aren't the only known gay creatures. Animals, ranging from lions, dolphins, monkeys, penguins, giraffes, bison, warthogs, lizards, elephants, hyenas, and other species can also be gay. You know why? Because being born gay has to do with biological origin—genes.

Don't believe me? Believe the scientific evidence, unless you're against science, as well.

Scientists have claimed that "homosexual behavior... is not only common, it's the norm." Although these cases were once seen as anomalies, these relations have been observed for decades, and Bruce Bagemihl's "Biological Exuberance," brought to light how common homosexuality is within the animal kingdom. Gay behavior is exhibited in approximately "10% of prevailing species throughout the world."

So many animals participate in homosexual relations as they seek for pleasure: "sexual intercourse, courtship, emotional bonds, partnership, and even child-rearing behavior." Even more noteworthy is the benefit, specifically as an "evolutionary mechanism," these behaviors are and how they are advantageous to the animal kingdom. Ergo, although homosexual relations seems to be "evolutionary paradox," natural animals continue to express these behaviors, which strengthen bonds between creatures.

So, why can't humans do so, as well?

The fluid sexuality of animals include us humans—another natural species. Additionally, don't argue that humans are more developed beings than other animals and, thus, are not categorized with animals. Please, we are mammals—a specific type of animal—and being gay is not "purely a cognitive trait of human beings."

Shockingly, I've had a generating conversation with one of my peers about the gay community, what it means to be gay, and the reasons behind one's sexual orientation. I was horrified by the individual's words. Although I know I can't change people's opinions, I hope to help show the world the innate behavior homosexuality is: No, the gay parades, flags, and glitter are not brainwashing humans. Instead, sexuality—heterosexuality, homosexuality, and the in-betweens of the spectrum—are quite simply naturally embedded in our DNA.

In our world filled with hatred, there is no room for gaycism. Animals aren't homophobic, so are the more complex of the animals—humans—filled with such fear?

Cover Image Credit: queer_crystal on Instagram

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protect the sharks to protect our earth

Sharks are not the monsters you may think they are!


Sharks might be one of the most feared not only aquatic animals, but species of all time. Sharks are portrayed in movies as the monster killers that main priority is to prey on innocent humans.

Little do people realize these animals are beautiful fish whos appetite consists of marine mammals, and stingrays, and sea lions. Eating a human is like eating expired deli meats to sharks. The moment they realize our flesh is not a salty lump of meat, they are no longer interested.

Sure sharks are killed to give us foods, but more often than not, sharks are killed as a trophy. People will keep the fin of a shark just for bragging rights and to see who can catch a bigger shark. Humans are becoming so inhuman when catching these animals that they are not realizing how much it is affecting the species population.

Another thing that humans forget, is that we are in their territory.

When we go into the ocean that is their home, whereas the land may be our home. imagine if a species you were not used to seeing entered your neighborhood, it might be scary but also you would be curious to know more and what exactly it was.


Sharks keep the oceans clean which means they're keeping our planet clean and that is something we share. Sharks are an apex predator, this means that they are at the top of the food chain and not many other species hunt them.

Apex predators are important to our environment because they keep our earth clean and healthy.

These animals are responsible for keeping other species balanced and they dispose of any sick or old fish keeping the oceans clean and full of life. With dead fish float in the open oceans, they can spread disease that can wipe out many species. Sharks have special antibodies that fight off any sickness or disease in an instance and they cannot get sick so eating the fish causes no harm to the sharks.

Sharks are not the monsters that societies proclaims them to be.

They are just hunting they're food just as we do. We as another species on earth need to learn to share the planet because, without all the living organisms that exist today, our earth wouldn't be as beautiful as it is today. So love the shares, don't kill the sharks.

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