Keara Cash, or commonly known as "Cash Money," is literally my bestie. Since the beginning of the semester, she has become one of my closest friends. We have suffered through endless labs together, fought our urges to sleep to finish all of our homework and find time to have a social life.

1. We struggle through homework together

Freshmen year is already stressful enough with adjusting to new surroundings, but on top of that, we took biology and chemistry in the same semester. With two major courses, we have endless amounts of homework. Thankfully, we have the same classes so we help each other.

2. She hates labs just as much as I do

As a part of the chemistry and biology requirements, students must take the appropriate lab with the lecture course. Just a little background information: lecture courses are way better. We perform experiments that can last for 3 hours or so which are fun, but minimal instruction is the downfall. Also, the critiquing the lab report is a pain, but she struggles through it with me.

3. She loves biology, I sorta like it

Biology, the study of life. I loved high school biology but college has helped me adapt to disliking it due to its enormous complexity. So when exam time approaches she helps me understand biology and I, the chemistry enthusiast, help her with chemistry.

4. We think alike

Since the very beginning, I knew that Keara and I were going to be besties because she is my clone. Often times, when we're having a conversation we'll say the same thing simultaneously. Also, we have the same morals and many of the same beliefs. Not only do we think alike, but many people think we look alike. People have asked questions like, "are you guys siblings?" Overall, we're the same person.