When you’re growing up, you spend the whole time wishing you were older. When you get into your teenage years, adults tell you to enjoy it while you’re still young. I’m the oldest of four kids, and I always wanted to be the boss or the grown up; however, looking back everything was perfect when I was five.

1. Your mom can take care of you when you’re sick

Whether you’re in kindergarten or ninth grade, it’s nice to live at home when you’re sick so your mom's there to take care of you, bring you medicine or water, and give you that extra attention everyone loves.

2. You appreciate the little things in life

In an age where nap time was the enemy, you appreciate the simple things in life. Snack time was the best; Santa was the most interesting person ever (I mean, he still is in my opinion); and you couldn’t wait to slide or swing with your friends at recess.

3. You were friends with everyone

If John was being annoying yesterday, you could still share the sandbox with him the next day. Things weren’t so concrete, and it was easier not to be offended or hold grudges.

4. Everything is celebrated with a craft or party

If you didn’t have cupcakes for every single person’s birthday, did you even go to kindergarten? The class parents brought in cookies for every holiday, event or celebration. You made Christmas ornaments, painted pumpkins, ALWAYS dressed up for Halloween and colored on a daily basis. When I was in kindergarten, my youngest brother was born, and even that was celebrated — everyone gave me gifts for the new baby at my baby shower and of course, we had cupcakes.

I might have just oversimplified the kindergarten experience, so sorry to kindergarteners everywhere. But I’m jealous of all the five-year-olds out there who have the energy to run around outside for hours, live their lives on the edge and love everything.