4 Reasons To Incorporate Letter Writing In Your Life

When we were little, we were so proud of the little drawings we made for our parents because it displayed love in the sweetest, most personal form. It was scribbles and it was messy, but it was made with the purpose of making someone else smile.

Now we’re a bit older and we’re a bit busier, so we consume our lives with tweeting words that express our awesome friendships, sending silly text messages with heart emojis to show our love and posting pictures on Instagram to show people how happy we are with our lives.

We rarely, if ever, set aside time to express our love for someone else. I’m definitely not saying that showing love in forms of text, Instagram post, tweet, etc. are bad ways of displaying love, but I believe that there are better ways of expressing love.

One of my favorite ways to tell someone that I love them is through letter writing. I try my hardest to write something small or something thoughtful to someone I care about as much as I possibly can.

In a society of quick and public displays of affection, it's important to incorporate other forms of expressing love into our lives. Here are some reasons why we should all incorporate letter writing into our lives.

1. It's personal

Our generation posts everything online. This is both an uplifting and frustrating thing. When we put everything online, we can be swept up in posting things only to keep up with trends and popularity. We can post things half-heartedly and a lot of the time, we can't get too personal with our messages because we don't want to disclose too much information on our social media pages.

Letter writing allows you to say everything and anything you want to say. You're allowed to be as personal and sweet as you want to be. Plus, it's your own handwriting so it causes the letter to be extra personal.

2. It's genuine

Seriously, only crazy people write a letter that isn't genuine. The thing with letter writing is one has to set aside time to think about what they want to say and write it all out instead of meaninglessly typing things. Handwritten letters are straight from the heart. They are all cared and loved on.

3. It's forever

One of my favorite things to do is go to antique stores and read through old postcards and letters. There's something so powerful in touching a piece of paper that was deeply cared for and meant to spread love.

Letters can stick around forever. Letters can stay in a box under your bed so that you can read them anytime you please. Letters are a constant reminder that love can be spread so easily throughout the world. We just have to hold a pen and write.

4. It's thoughtful

One of the sweetest things about writing a letter is that it has to be completely thought through, especially if you are writing with pen. Letter writing doesn't give you the privilege of writing aimlessly and backspacing when you make a mistake. One must think through everything they want to say and how to structure the sentence as proficiently as possible. Letters are completely thought-out, even when one doesn't realize the depth of thought put behind their words.

It's time, my friend. Go show your love through sweet, lovely handwritten letters and give it to someone you admire so greatly. It'll make their day.

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