Football in general is great, NCAA and NFL. The NFL has been on a downward trend lately losing many fans. This College Football season has just been insane with all the upsets and radically odd games. College Football is much better than NFL football and there are many reasons behind it.


There is nothing in this world that beats the traditions in college football. There is extensive history behind them and tradition is a huge deal especially in the SEC. Pride and tradition run deep in the world of College Football


College Football is just flat out unpredictable. Anything can happen as seen in this season. The NFL is too predictable, everybody knows who is good and who is not. Anything can happen on any given Saturday. Everybody loves a good upset as long as their team is not involved.


Unlike the NFL, the NCAA actually knows how to schedule games and when to schedule primetime matchups specifically. College Gameday is really great because it usually sets the stage for the biggest game of the day. College Gameday is like a tradition every Saturday and it gets you ready for a full day of football. You can flip to any channel and have any game you want because of how the networks air those games.


Because of there being a playoff committee and polls, every game matters. Any lost game has a huge impact in College Football because of how the ranking system works. Love it or hate it, it is unmistakably exciting. If you are an average fan of the game, you probably love it, but if you have a team, one loss can mean your whole season.