As a commuter, I have questions (issues) with Rider. They are minor, they are trivial, and they need to be answered

1. Rider, Why Is Commuter Parking literally the worst?

Listen here Rider, you have way too many commuter students for the limited amount of parking you allow. It's ridiculous that if I can't park by the BLC I have to park in the very back of the lot. It's a long walk from that lot to anywhere and if I'm running late to class the last thing I want to do is park there. I know what you're thinking, leave your house earlier so you're not late. Well, I can leave a whole two hours earlier, that still might not guarantee me a good spot. I think parking needs to be re-evaluated as a whole, but especially for commuting students.

2. Rider, why are ALL your food options so expensive?

If you don't have a meal plan and aren't great with meal prep, chances are you will occasionally have to eat at one of the few places Rider offers. Starbucks is one of the most over-priced places in the world and if I didn't like their products so much, I would never even step foot in their line. Why in the world did I pay 12 dollars for a cup of coffee and a snack box? The other dining places like Crans and Sweigart have over-priced pre-packaged food that most of the time tastes terrible. It's always a gamble and I usually lose. The fried food, pizza, and pasta are always good but if you're trying not to gain back the weight people tell you, you've lost, those options aren't good enough. Plus and this is more of a problem with the food industry as a whole, why is the fried food always cheaper than the healthier food. It's like obesity is being promoted.

3. Rider, why is the Fine Arts Parking lot for Faculty and Staff only?

I'm clearly the most bitter about parking. I honestly believe the way it's set up is dumb and that it needs serious revision... but seriously why is the FArts lot only for Faculty? I know it's not very big but what about after hours? Why is it only open on weekends? I think that after maybe 6 or 7 pm, the parking lot should be open. If there's a rehearsal going on and the students don't get out until 11 or midnight, it would be nice for them to simply walk out the back door to their car instead of having to trek to the BLC lot... or worst... the lot in the literal back of everything! Or if a student has a night class... Think about your students for once!

4. Rider, why is it that Daly's food is only food when we have guests?

Based on the fact that the visitor's parking lot is somewhat closer to things than the Commuter lot (again, I'm bitter) and the fact that Daly's brings out the good food when there's an open house or some event with outside people, I truly believe Rider only cares about you when you don't go there. I don't blame the people who work at Daly's because somehow they are able to make decent meals on Admitted Students day so I don't believe it's a lack of skill. Which honestly makes it more confusing on nights where the food is undercooked, dry, not seasoned, or missing. RIDER... I AM CONFUSION!