4 Promises To Myself In 2017

We are just about a month into 2017, and it has taken me this long to find out all the things that I want to accomplish and do this year. 2016 was extremely hard, but also a huge milestone for me, and I'm ready to take on 2017. I want to challenge myself this year, improve myself, and make 2017 one of the best to come. Here are some vows I am taking to accomplish these things:

1. Let academics be your main priority.

We're all going to have good days and bad days. However, try not to let it interfere with your studies. School is important! Don't procrastinate. Get your work in on time. Study when you can. Remind yourself that the work you put in now will someday lead you to your dream job later in life.

2. Stop caring about what other people think.

This one is hard. But don't let people take away your happiness by caring about what they think. Their opinions don't matter. Focus more on what you love and what makes you smile, and this year will be a year full of happiness.

3. Be kind, even when you don't want to.

Bad days are going to happen; you can't ignore them. However, try and make the most of them and be kind to everyone you see and meet. There will be times that you are going to want to be rude to someone who doesn't do as much as you, is rude to you, or does something little that annoys you, but don't do it. Instead, smile and be kind. Be the bigger person.

4. Overall, be happy.

In my opinion, happiness is a choice. Whether you are affected by medical issues, mental illnesses, family issues, or anything else, it may all seem out of control. However, you can choose how you react to the difficulties that life throws at you. Focus on the good parts in life and make a good attempt to make every day a happier day.

2017, I'm ready for you.

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