A long distance friendship may seem difficult, and even stressful to maintain. Whether the reason is going away to college, relocating for a job, or for love, there comes a point in time when we will not have our best friends within a matter of miles from us. Unfortunately, different circumstances can test the interpersonal relationships that you have with these people. You won't be running into one another because of the physical distance between you, for instance; a multitude of miles between all parties involved could add a small damper to your relationship.

However, that does not mean one should give up on a friendship due to the said distance between those involved. In today's day and age, there are more ways than ever to keep long distance friendships alive. Here is a list of long distance friendship survival tips to keep you and your friends as close as possible despite the physical separation between you.

1. Take Advantage of the Technology Available to You

Despite the stigma surrounding the constant use of technology, it is the quickest and most convenient way to keep in touch. Take advantage of text messaging, video chatting and social media platforms to stay in contact and up to date in each other's lives.

2. Keep Track of the Little Details

Know their schedule. Remember the little details about them that you have learned before being separated by distance. Notice when they tend to be the least busy in case you want to surprise them with a spontaneous phone call or even a visit.

3. Sending Gifts and Care Packages

Remember their favorite things or find something that reminds you of them and throw together a care package. Sending these back in forth will not only make everyone happy but will help to keep the friendship alive and well.

4. Counting Down The Days Until You Are Reunited

Whether it be a small get-together or going on a trip, being reunited with friends after an extended period of time apart is very exciting. Not only do you get to see how you all grew and changed but you also get to create more memories. The only downside: the days go slower as you count down to seeing them. Remember to keep your head held high and that you will see them soon!