4 Fall Activities Around Edwardsville, IL You Should Already Have Planned

4 Fall Activities Around Edwardsville, IL You Should Already Have Planned

Fun things that college students in the Edwardsville area can do to take their mind off of school and enjoy the little free time that they have.

As summer comes to an end and fall time approaches, us college students can begin to feel overwhelmed by the demands of school, work, etc. It is hard to find time to participate in fun activities without feeling guilty for not working on homework. Making time to relax and take a break from our daily life tasks is essential to being successful without getting too overwhelmed. Here is a list of things that college students in the Edwardsville area can do to take their mind off of school and enjoy the little free time that they have.

1. Pottery Hollow


Pottery Hollow is a small shop in Glen Carbon, IL where individuals of all ages can participate in painting pottery. The shop offers many different pieces to paint whether it's coffee mugs, piggy banks, or wine glasses, Pottery Hollow has it all. It is a whimsical atmosphere where you can leave your stress at the door and bring a piece of pottery to life. The Pottery Hollow website offers coupons and they have daily deals available in store. Pottery Hollow is the perfect place for college students to make the most of their free time without breaking the bank.

2. Flow Spin Studio


Flow Spin Studio is located in Maryville, IL just about ten minutes outside of Edwardsville. Not only does Flow offer a fun outlet for college students but it also offers a unique way to achieve a great workout. The atmosphere is extremely welcoming for people of all ages, genders, and sizes. The Flow Spin instructors are nothing but uplifting and energetic making the experience even more enjoyable. Classes are an hour long and are reasonably priced at about $15 per class. Their website offers discounted class packages and college student discounts. Flow is a great/healthy way to spend an hour of your free time as a college student.

3. Liberty Apple Orchard


Liberty Apple Orchard is located on the outskirts of Edwardsville and offers the perfect fall time activity for college students to participate in. Liberty has thirteen different types of apples varying all the from McIntosh to Granny Smith. They have an apple for everyone and make the experience of picking them even more enjoyable. The rural, well-kept setting of the orchard makes for beautiful photos and memories for all ages. Liberty Apple Orchard makes for the perfect fall day activity to enjoy with both family and friends.

4. Our Health Club & Spa


Our Health Club & Spa is a hidden gem in the heart of Glen Carbon, IL. They offer a wide range of services varying from water aerobic classes, massage services, and personal training. This facility has so much to do all in one place for everyone, especially college students looking to make the most of their free time in a healthy way. Our Health Club & Spa is much more than just a gym, they offer multiple well rounded services to help impact your life in a positive and healthy way. This facility can offer college students a place to rejuvenate and fulfill their free time in the best way possible.

Cover Image Credit: Chad & Anna

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