4 Things You Experience The Summer Before Senior Year of College
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4 Things You Experience The Summer Before Senior Year of College

Here's to you, here's to me. Old and irrelevent we will not be.

4 Things You Experience The Summer Before Senior Year of College

This is it - you're a senior in college. All the blood, sweat and tears the past three years have all lead to this point, so don't screw up! I for one love college and I'm scared for the days when I actually have to wake up and function as a productive member of society. I feel like once you graduate college it's not even okay to sleep in until noon ever and that's something I'm not sure if I'm cool with yet. But luckily for me, I still have a year to go! Being a senior has given me a new outlook on some things, and I've noticed this new outlook this summer especially. I've noticed:

1. You are probably one of the oldest people at the party.

This one is almost exclusive to summer in my opinion due to the influx of freshman that are trying to "get acquainted" during this time. Listen, this one sucks. Take it from me. I walked into a party a couple of days ago and I was asked repeatedly if I was a freshman and if I lived in the freshman dorms on campus. I had to timidly say that I was indeed a senior and avoid the freshman dorms at all costs, followed by "but you're cute"!

2. Realizing you may not see your hometown friends for a very long time.

People really grow up after college - and fast. Well, most. I for one will be hopefully moving to New York City after graduation and I love you all but who knows when I'll be back! We have to take this time to cherish the moments we have with our hometown friends we've been with since we were kids. I didn't do that enough this summer and I know I'll regret it. Oviedo forever!

3. Half of your conversations with fellow seniors involve the future.

This one is cool, because I've realized I'm not the only one freaking out about my life and what the hell I'm going to do after I graduate and become a real adult. However, I really do miss just being able to have a drunken conversation about cheese or something dumb like that.

4. Take advantage of everything now and you have to live in the moment.

This is the last time us seniors are going to be with these people doing these things! It makes me sad to think that in a year I won't be able to go to The Wishing Well and hang with my favorite people. Thinking of the last football games and tailgates is bittersweet. Sometimes I look around at my friends when we're out and having a good time and I get so sad but I'm so thankful for everyone I've met.

So, here's to us seniors. Let's do this.

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