4 Binge Worthy Shows On Netflix

4 Binge Worthy Shows On Netflix

Stay in and snuggle with these great series

Whenever I finish a show on Netflix, it is always a struggle to find a new show to watch. After spending so much time watching these characters and investing yourself in the storyline, it came to an end and no other show seems to look as good. Here are four shows to try next!

1. Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls has been one of my favorite shows recently. I was able to finish the series during winter break and I am glad I did. This show is comical, and dramatic at times. The show illustrates two different mother-daughter relationships. Lorelei and her mother, Emily, do not have the best relationship; where as, Lorelai and her daughter, Rory, are best friends. This series shows a series of complex relationships and the ongoings of an incredibly small town in Connecticut.

2. The People v. OJ Simpson: An American Crime Story.

I chose to begin watching this mini series because I have grown up hearing about the OJ case and did not know much about it. My parents remember the case because they lived through it. I knew how the story ended, but I did not see how they got to that point. It is amazing to see all of the steps the defense took to earn the not guilty verdict. I found this series intriguing because it showed how the public reacted to the case. I thought this show showed both attitudes regarding the case. I had only heard my parents’ perceptions on the case and this series showed how the case played out. The part that was a little disappointing was the fact that there were only 10 episodes.

3. Grey’s Anatomy.

I began watching Grey’s Anatomy last year and fell in love. I had put off watching it because it did not seem appealing. I am not a huge fan of drama, and this show is about as dramatic as it gets. I loved this because it shows the process of someone wanting to go into the medical field, while also creating scenarios that do not seem possible. That being said, the writer does do research to make sure what she is writing is realistic and could happen. The characters all have their own lives and problems, while also juggling being surgeons.

4. Friends.

My sister has watched Friends since she was little. She was obsessed, and always talked about it. I had seen some reruns on TV, but was never really interested. I did not end up watching the full series until a few years ago. I have now watched the complete series probably twice. Friends follows six friends living in New York. The show depicts issues regarding relationships, careers, and basically life in general. Even while depicting these issues, there is a layer of comedy in each episode. Also, each episode in the series does build off of the storyline; however, you can also watch a rerun or a couple out of order and you will not be confused.

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