4 Benefits of Having Houseplants in College

Having a household plant seems so simple but there's more to them than meets eye.

1. They make you more responsible.

In general, it can be a good experience to take care of something that isn't yourself. Let's face it, as college students we hardly take care of ourselves. We skip breakfast and sleep but taking care of another living thing can keep you grounded. Especially since it's a lot easier to take care of one.

2. They can be rewarding.

It's the small things. Noticing growth in a plant or its bounce-back after you forgot to water it for a week can really make you feel like a true "plant parent." So, even when everything seems to be going wrong in school, at least you have a healthy growing plant to look forward to.

3. They make you happier.

Studies have proven that simply being around nature can improve mental health. They can lower stress and anxiety levels which can be very helpful when all your professors decide to assign everything at the same time.

4. They make great decoration.

Having a plant in the room is the easiest (and sometimes cheapest) way to add a little natural flair to your dorm/room. Whether you're going for a huge floor plant or a small succulent, they automatically make any room look better!

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