While the anticipation of starting your freshman year of college brought on an onslaught of various thoughts, feelings and emotions, the beginning of your senior year of college does the same, if not to a more extreme extent. You spent so much time worrying about starting college, if you’d fit in or like your school, if classes would be too hard, if you would get lost. Now, four summers later, you find yourself thinking the same way about the world after college. No doubt, if you’ve enjoyed (most) of your college experience like I have, these thoughts will be running through your head as your summer ends and you begin your senior year.

1. Being home for the summer is starting to get old.

2. I can’t wait to go back to school.

3. Wow, this is the last time I’ll actually be able to say that.

4. Coming home forever is terrifying.

5. There are too many rules here.

6. Jeeze, I should really start packing.

7. Eh, I can do it before I leave.

8. Apparently I cant. Where’d all this stuff come from?!

9. Do I have enough school supplies from last year? I don’t think I can afford to buy another 5-subject notebook.

10. Or textbooks. I need that money for other things. Like $1 Jell-O shots on Wednesdays.

11. It’s getting real old spending $300 on one business textbook.

12. That’s like 300 Jell-O shots.

13. Move in day is just as tiring (and sweaty) as I remember it.

14. Time to be responsible for myself again.

15. I forget how to manage my own money.

16. Should I spend this $20 on food or alcohol?

17. Alcohol.

18. How do I write a paper again?

19. I should probably make an appointment with my career advisor considering I’ve got a year left in this place.

20. Wait, who is my career advisor?

21. What do I even want my career to be?

22. Why haven’t I thought about this the past three years?

23. I don’t think I’m ready for the real world yet.

24. This is the beginning of the end, isn’t it?

25. That’s terrifying. The real world is terrifying.

26. I'm already getting notified about paying back my loans.

27. They're how much?! I won't make that much money for years!

28. I should have gone somewhere cheaper.

29. Do real people get drunk on Wednesday’s ‘cause they don’t have work the next day? Or is that just college students who’s classes get cancelled?

30. Okay … just college kids.

31. LikeI said, KIDS. We aren’t ready for that yet.

32. How do they pass up $1 Jell-O shots though?

33. See? Not ready.

34. I bet real people don’t take naps everyday either. Yeah, nope. Not ready.

35. Why am I already getting emails about graduation?!

36. Wait, how many credits do I have?! What if I don't graduate on time?!!

37. The last three years flew by.

38. I’d do anything to be a freshman again.